Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fiona Rebodied For The Second Time!

So many of you bloggers out there have touted the merits
of the Liv body, that even a disbeliever like me was willing
to give it a try if the body could be had at a good price. Well
I finally found a Liv doll at a....price I could live with. She
was on sale for $7.99. Making this the last purchase for the
month of June.

Hayden here has graciously volunteered her body for a
rebody opportunity! So now that I have the doll and have
taken her out of the box, the next question is who should
be rebodied? I had several dolls to choose from but the
one who receive this honor was Fiona.

Hayden awaiting the reboding.

Now you may remember Fiona from one of my first few
post and my first attempt at a diorama. She is a Toy
Biz Eowyn doll who I had rebodied onto a Mattel
Scooby Doo Velma Teen Skipper body. The original
doll had a action figure body which I really hated! I
liked that old Skipper body much better than the
original. She has a very pale complexion and she need a
pale body. She also needed to be shorter than Ian,her
husband, who is shorter than Ken size. She still didn't
get a lot of photo or play time because she wasn't very
poseable then. So let's hope for more photo time for Fi

Two dolls getting to know each other before
the swap! Fi wonders how she managed
to do anything with such a large head.

If you read my blog, you will know that I am not a
fan of the large head dolls, so I don't see myself keeping
the head at all. Look for it on my Dollpage site in
the near future. The clothes and shoes on this doll
are not too bad and will be kept. I also like the fact that the
earrings come out easy too. I keep them also.

I do like this head knob better than Mattel's. I always cut
those hooks off anyway. I have been saved a step! One
other note, when I placed the head on its' new body, there
wasn't a lot of play in the neck and head that I get with
Mattel bodies. Big plus!

Fi getting adjusted to the new body.

Not bad. The head went on smoothly. No forcing
required. A plus! Fi seemed to like it. She is now
able to touch her head and see her hands.

Stretch out a little from time to time.
I think I am beginning to like this body.

Fiona: Ms. Leo, I don't know about these clothes! I don't
think they are me. Can I fit some of my old outfits?

Ms. Leo: I think so. We will try a few of them on later.
These shoes should work for you and maybe the top. I
don't thing the shorts are you. Your figure does look
more like you and more mature than on that Skipper

Fiona: Agreed! What will happen to my old body?

Ms. Leo: It will go in the body box. One never knows!

Ms. Leo: I can put the white dress back on you.
It should look good with those shoes.

Fi feeling sassy in her new body!

Ms.Leo: Do you thing Ian will notice the change?
Fiona: Deary, he's a man!
Doll and woman giggle!


Frannie said...

Ms. Leo, Fiona came out great. Love her on the new body. I was a little apprehensive in doing a head/body swap. Your post makes it seem easy. Might try it in the near future.
I am noticing more and more Liv Dolls coming into the Thrift Store and at Flea Markets in my area.

Georgia Girl said...

Very cute photo story Ms Leo. I have not tried a head swap with Liv dolls yet. I found one at the thrift store that I plan to rebody, I just need to decide who will get the body. I love the articulation.

TM said...

Welcome to the world of Liv doll body swaps! I was happy to have a Liv body for $20 back when they were new so $7.99 was definitely a great bargain! And it seems Fiona's loving the articulation.

Vanessa said...

Fiona looks great with her new body and dress. Loved the story!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Frannie. Hey,you're seeing Liv dolls in the thrift stores? Wow, not in my area. I thought they were too new to be in thrift stores or flea markets. They have to be even less at thrift stores and flea markets! I would totally do it for that price. I still used a blow dryer for the head swap but it was much easier than with Mattel dolls. You should try it.

Thanks Georgia Girl. So I guess they are showing up in thrift store! I went with Fiona because I do plan to do more stories with her and my other mature dolls. Why should women in the 20's have all the fun! I love to see you doll when you choose.

Thanks TM. I feel like I just joined this very large club. Fiona is see all her possibilities and is excited. There will be no holding her back.

Thanks Vanessa. She really likes her new body and so do I. It is not a body all my dolls could pull off but Fiona certainly can. The dress...well you can tell from the picture but it needs some work. That is why is was around after the swap. I'm a lazy girl and it needs some repair along with a few other items. I am going to make that my mission for July. To repair some doll clothing that I have that I like. I do some other things too but I need to sew next month.

Dollz4Moi said...

Fiona looks great on her new body. I pick up the LIV dolls when I find them cheap. I found a couple @ Kmart for $8. I swapped a few ladies. I think that will be my next blog post

Dani said...

She looks great! I love her face. I keep looking for older women and she could play one very well...

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Dani! She does look older and not the age of the person she represents.

Thanks Dollz4Moi. I let height decide what doll got the body. I think I need more shoes!

Hey anyone know what other doll shoes Liv can wear?