Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disney Gals!

A Look At Disney Gals

Last month I purchase several dolls at a thrift store in
hopes to replace bodies of dolls that were having
problems. Many of the dolls purchased were
Disney dolls done by Mattel. In this process
I noted many of the Disney dolls done by Mattel
have been changed. So, I will show you some pictures
of some of the changed Disney dolls.

*Dolls are utilizing two swimsuits for ease of

Sleeping Beauty

Winter Frost Sleeping Beauty 2001 and 1992

The first doll (on the right) has eyes that can look
like they were closed or open when hot or cold water
is applied. The newer addition doesn't have these
eyes and she has an open mouth smile. For me, this is a
upgrade! There is another Sleeping Beauty done by Mattel.
Sleeping Beauty Barbie-- I posted about it in an
earlier post. There have also been at least two other
face molds done by Mattel.

Beauty and the Beast Belle

Second release and original Belle

The original Bell ( on the right) had unruly hair. It was
a little too curly. Her complexion was darker too. Oh and
the head was a lot smaller. The new Bell was produces
after the Mattel's balloon head doll era. Most of the new
Princesses now still have that large head. (boooo)Many
of these dolls are also on a belly button body. I have
purchase all but one of these dolls from a thrift stores
at different times. I do believe they are on
their original body.

Ariel was the first Disney princess produced on a
smaller than Barbie size body. She was produced on a
1997 Teen Skipper body. A few other Disney dolls
from Peter Pan were produced on a smaller
Skipper(1987) body. In 2006 Mattel produce an even
smaller Ariel.

Two Ariel's side by side.
Note the feet!

Hair is the same color(I am not sure how I feel about
this color) but head molds are different. The feet are
different too the first has the Teen Skipper feet and the
newer doll is shorter with Barbie high heel feet.

She is about the size of the new teen Skipper but with
shapelier legs and high heel feet.

New Skipper and Ariel

There are many book out there on Barbie doll faces

and fashions but what I have discovered recently is that

there aren't a lot of books on Barbie Structures or Mattel

Disney dolls. OK, you doll book writer, get to work!

So, which faces do you like the best?
Let me know!

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