Friday, June 10, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress!

Bridesmaid Dress!
After watching the Royal Wedding and all the hoopla over
her bridesmaid and sister Pippa's dress, I am posting these
pictures of bridesmaid’s dresses. This dress are a pretty
shade of taupe/ecru. I think they are prefect for a island

Dress one.

Dress two

If you like them, I am selling these dresses on my doll page.


D7ana said...

Wow! Lovely dresses, Miss Leo.

Good luck with your sales.

Georgia Girl said...

Those are very pretty dresses. Wedding dresses are some of my favs.

Thanks Ms Leo for being my first follower (Pink Obession). I have created the blog now I need to develop it.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana. If they don't sell, I will use them for a post sometime soon.

You are welcome Georgia Girl! I thing come along a little slowly at first but it gets better. I do notice that wedding and prom dress styles are changing from what they use to be. This two are classics.

kim23 said...

I adore these bridesmaid dresses! very lovely and amazing! You're right, they are just perfect for an island wedding. Good luck with your sales, Ms. Leo! Have a beautiful weekend!