Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Head Swaps!

New Head Swap Dolls

Like I mentioned before, many of the off brand dolls
have great faces! Unfortunately their bodies are a
different story. Often the break easily and are poorly
designed like the Imani dolls. Despite what many be
happening with newer dolls, the Mattel bodies were
made well. So I have decided to give some off brand
dolls Mattel bodies.

First is Kari Michelle!
I think we all have purchase Kari Michelle clothes.
They are inexpensive and not to bad of a quality.
When the doll first started appearing in stores, you
got the doll and several outfits too! Now the doll is
sold by itself with one outfit and extra outfits are sold

I just love all the set with the tops and the coats!
I have about six. The pants don't fit BB bodies!

I had some heads sit around, some bodies that I
wasn't sure what I would do with the and I liked
her smiling face. So, I re-bodies her on a Fashion
Fever AA-big foot body. Yes, I know your saying,
Ms. Leo, you don't like the big feet, you can't find
shoes for them.

Well I found I few pairs of shoes



and those bodies don't sell well. Also, you always need
gals GI Joe size. I might as well do something with it.


My finished product--Kari Michelle Kingsley!

Next up --This doll!
I posted about her before. I like the face. The
eyelashes were a bit much. I had some paint I was
experimenting with that calmed them down some so I
decided to re-body her onto a standard AA Barbie body-
medium brown.

My finished product-Adallah (a dollar is what I paid for her)
She will be Khadijah's Mom.


Lastly, I found a Kristi Yamaguchi doll in the thrift store.

I purchased her because she was an Asian face but I did
like the body. I also thought the body was too tall. I
re-bodied her onto a Generation Chelsea body. I liked
her better on it. Of course I will have to change the
nail color on her. Oh and she will be my first Villain
in doll world. Well... maybe not a villain but an annoyance
She is going to be one of those people who eavesdrops,
gossips and get the story wrong. She doesn't hear very
well is the reason she gets the story wrong but there
is no excuse for her other two bad habits.


Kristi Kim


limbe dolls said...

I like many off-brand faces, especially Kari Michelle. Glad to see you making use of her.

D7ana said...

I really like the Kristi Yamaguchi. You and Frannie have GREAT luck at the thrift stores. I admire your finds.

Thanks for sharing your rebodied dolls. They're all probably happy with sturdier bodies.

My guess, but are the shoes you found for the Bigfeet Barbies everGirl shoes? They resemble some I had.

Congrats on your finds, etc.

Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls. I'm glad that I can now play with her. The box of unwanted doll stuff is getting too big.

Thanks D7ana. I got the shoes in a bag of stuff from the thrift store, so I don't know who they are by. As for Kristi, yeah she is much better this way. On her old body the hands faced backward like Ken. Not at all the body of a skater. I liked her face and really wanted to use her.