Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cost Isn’t Everything!

Cost Is Not Everything!

Inexpensive dolls can have an interesting
faces too! This is a doll I purchased at
the Dollar Store a few years back.

She has a great face if not the best body.
I call her Amenah.

I think she looks like those women who
comes from countries where the “Middle East”
and “Sub-Saharan African” meets.
I put these areas in quotes because that is
lengthy discussion for another time.
Anyway…Her eyes are heavily outlined
and she has an exotic look to her. She is a
reddish brown complexion.

She is wearing the Kenyan Barbie dress with
white Janay pants. I would imagine that this is
the type of outfit that these women (modern ones)
would wear. A bit traditional and a bit
modern. She would be wearing more jewelery

She is also one of my favorite dolls. The fact
that she was cheap makes her even better.
The cost thing…..I am currently debating
on purchasing a Harley Davidson Ken.
I just want the Ken doll but I will have to by
the set to get the best price for my money.
I am wondering if I should wait to see if the
price goes down or if they do an even better
male doll with that body. I have often waited
for a head molds or a bodies to be released
cheaper and have been rewarded.
What to do, what to do!

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