Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visiting with the in-laws.

This is my first attempt at a diorama.
Visiting with the in-laws. Ian is spending the afternoon
with his in-laws.

He is an only child and get a little grumpy
at having company.

His wife Fiona and her sister are very close!
Fiona is teaching Siobhan how to play poker.

Fiona is quite good and plays for money with the crew
while on breaks from rehearsals or shootings.
Siobhan wants to invade the all-boys board members
poker parties. She still has a lot to learn!

Mitchell, Siobhan’s husband has also come along for the
visit. He is quite gregarious and the three don’t seem
to notice Ian grumpiness.


D7ana said...

Excellent job with your diorama! Love the view.

I recognize one of your dolls - well, action figures as Hasbro Count Dooku from Star Wars ... I think. And the recent Happy Family Grandfather. However, I don't recognize the other dolls. Could you tell us who's who? Your story seems promising, but I am not sure which doll or action figure is which character.

But the setting ... exquisite. Thanks for sharing.

I-Luv-Dolls said...

These dolls are what I call Head Swapped Dolls or HSD. I have posted the discription on the blog. Please bear with me. I'm still learning. I haven't figured out how to get the text to appear between pictures on the same posting and some of my pictures aren't as nice as yours.

D7ana said...

I think your photos are fine.

I get text between photos by pasting the photo code text where I want the photo to appear. The photo code text automatically appears at the top of your comment box as you insert photos. They start like < a href = "abcd...> and end with the closing bit. You would cut those lines of text and then paste them between the text where you want the photo to show.

Or you could use a Layout to have your text wrapped to the right or to the left or under your photos BEFORE you upload your photos.

I'm learning, too ;-D If you look through my photos, you will see that some are um less striking? shrug - some are bad, but I keep going. And droning and droning LOL

I-Luv-Dolls said...

Thanks for the advice!