Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing Rees

Introducing Rees
Ms. Rees!

I thought it would be a natural follow up to Janay to introduce
Rees (Reesie). She is the only new Integrity Toys doll I have
purchased in a long time. I really thought that the Integrity
Toys dolls had become overpriced...especially the men.
It is plastic after all! When Dynamite Girls Rees came out,
it was the first doll that I thought was a great price.
She is wearing the Fashionista Artsy dress and Barbie Fashion
Avenue boots. This doll really has all the charm and flirtiness
of Francie! Now if you have read my blog, you know I don’t go
in for the sideways glancing dolls. I have to make an exception
for Ms. Rees!

Would I like her more if she were looking straight on….maybe.
Her glance makes her look more mischievous, than jealous,
sneaky or like she thinks that there is someone behind her.
Yeah, she looks like a real handful… a sprite. She is the girl
in the middle of the room with the straight face when
everyone around her is dying laughing. If any doll would
get up and move things around when you weren’t home,
it would be her!

I have given her the name Reesie because
she is like Reese's Cup... little sweet and a little nutty
in one bite! Oh, and if being cute
was illegal, she would be arrested!

Those lashes and brown eye are alluring. Her hairstyle
is classic and she looks good in everything from evening

to her birthday suit. Sorry no birthday suit photos.
This girl knows how to say no!

She is having lunch. She really loves a great burger!
She can't imaging a life with out meat! She is having a
burger, nachos and a champagne cola. (Put your hand up
if you know what champagne cola is!) She very thin so
she is not worrying about her figure.


Afroindia619 said...

Yea...you got her! She's gorgeous. I know what you mean about the sideways glance, I wish a couple of my dolls were looking forward too but the thought of a repaint going wrong for the price of these dolls makes ME look sideways. :)


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I need to debox my doll!!!! Congrats on yours.


MissSpottyJane said...

She is very pretty! One of my favorite Dynamite Girls so far.

TM said...

Congrats Ms. Leo!!! She's an awesome doll! And wasn't I right about the Francie charm???? Too darn cute!

Ms. Leo said...

Oh Afroindia619, LMAO!, That is too true! I have done one repaint and the paint wasn't permanent. I painted over the old paint on the doll’s eyes and had the luxury of wiped it off several times before it looked good. I still haven’t done it permanently. I know there are artists out there who could do it but I don’t know one or their work.

Thanks BDE, you have such self control to have left her in the box!

Thanks MissSpottyJane. She is too cute for words.

Thanks TM for putting me on this journey for her. You are soo right about her Francie like charm! After looking at your posts of her, I had to have her!