Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Olmec Dolls --Olmec Men!

Olmec Men!
After producing the Imani doll Olmec produced a boyfriend
for her. (If you are unfamiliar with Imani please see my
earlier post on her.) His name was Menelik. The name
Menelik came from an African Emperor of Ethiopia.
As withImani, they produced him in three complexions.
Unfortunately, I only have two of them.

Here is the Evening Gear Menelik and
the Kwanzaa Menelik. One point of interest, the lot fabric
lots for this dolls must have been limited. Many of the
same issue dolls have slightly different clothing fabrics.
Closeup on the face.

They have a "box" haircut that was big at the time and
made popular by the rap group Kid and Play. It is really
scary what use to pass for cool! It was a scary time! :)

The comparison

Warning nude dolls

Here is the doll out of the clothing. The body isn't Ken
quality or the quality of many action figures like World Peace
Keepers. The legs are narrower than Ken's and

the feet are narrower too.

Menelik Ken

Arms can move forward but not sideways
and hands are curved.

Menelik hand Ken hand

I have had problems with the arms breaking off from body
and have replace 2 or 3 doll's bodies when I can locate them
for a good price. The head knob is different that Ken so their
head can not be placed on a Ken body.
Some parts of the Olmec doll line were used again in the
beginning creations of the Janay and Jordan/Tariq line.
I think both dolls were made in China and that might be why.
That line was done by Integrity Toys. in the early year of
the line the body from Jordan could make a good replacement
for the original Olmec body. As a matter of fact, many male
doll heads can fit on that type of body that can fit on a Mattel
Ken body. Many action figures have the same neck opening.
Sadly, the body on the Integrity doll has changed and
can no longer be use for this or other dolls.

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