Friday, January 21, 2011

Re-bodied Janay! Head Swap Doll

Re-bodied Janay

I first saw the Janay doll while cutting through the Gallery
Mall in Center City Phila. She was in of all places the window
of the CVS there. I stopped dead in my tracks! She had a
beautiful face and great makeup! For me, it was unusual to
find a doll other than Barbie with great face screening.
The name of the company was Integrity Toys! Hmm, new!
pick up the box and saw that there were other
dolls in the line but the store only had this one. I purchase
her and took her home happily.

When I opened the box the pamphlet inside showed several
dolls in many different outfits. A black doll, an Asian doll and a
Hispanic doll. There was a phone number on the pamphlet,
so I called it. I got a gift shop in Baltimore. It may have been
black owned. The shop was very busy and I was only able to
ask a few questions before the person had to take care of other
customers in the store. As time when on I saw more and more
dolls from Integrity Toys in the area toy stores. Then it
stopped! I didn't know why? I could find the phone number
I had. Poor Janay! I thought she had gone under. But she
hadn't she reappeared online! I am not sure who owns the
company anymore but they are doing new and different things.
I am waiting on a new doll I recently purchased form Integrity
Toys. I will post her when I do! Right now you are looking at one
of the first Janays faces that Integrity Toys did. This is the one
with out the smile. They did this same face with a smile. I have
re-bodied or head swapped her on to a SIS Grace body. She is
enjoying a fine spring day!

In the meadow!

OK! Next time I will remove the stand.

I always loved her hairstyle and makeup!

The old Janay had the old Candi body. Maybe I'll
do a comparison later!

The sweetest expression! Nothing like all those pouty
mouthed dolls that look mean and constipated!

In a different outfit. This way she can wear more things.

The new body makes her look extremely leggy!


Alrunia said...

I love Janay! Lately there have been a lot of loose Janay heads on ebay (sold as "Fashion Royalty heads") and I've been told by one seller that they are replacement heads bought directly from Integrity. Anyway, your Janay is lovely! Such a peaceful smile and beautiful eyes :D

Vanessa said...

Ms. Leo, are you not posting my comments or are they just not getting to you? Have you considered just allowing them to post directly? That way I would know right away if there is a problem. Just a thought.

Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

Vanessa Honey! I am not getting your posts! I like comments! Do your comments show that they are waiting to be moderated? The only other person that has a problem posting from time to time that I know of says it is because my post section is setup like a drop down and not a pop up. On their home computer they have a hard time but not on their work computer. I don't know. Maybe it’s the way my blog is set up. As for not moderating the post, I guess you have never gotten the foreign sex site that post to your blog and link to their sex site. In addition, it is difficult to know when someone has commented to a post a few months or a year old.

Hmmm…. sometimes I click away before entering the security word. If you do that, your comment doesn't post!