Friday, January 7, 2011

Malibu Christie!

Malibu Christie!

This was my last doll purchase of 2010. I didn't
break my doll budget for that time because I go her for
under $30.00! I could not believe it! If the economy
wasn't so bad, many doll collectors would not be selling
and more people would be buying and I probably wouldn't
have this doll! Maybe a Black Francie will come up in my
price range but I doubt it! This is one of those dolls that
pictures do not do justice! I am lover of Julia, but there is
something different and special about this doll!
She has more of an intense look that Julia. Could it be the
absence of eyelashes? They do give Julia a flirty look!

She is much darker that I remember Mattel ever doing for a doll
back them! I can imagine that this doll might have caused
some controversy in her day! She is not on the 1966 Japan
TNT body of a Julia but is on the 1966 Korea body.

Note the difference of the waist. Julia is a "V" and this
one is straight across. The bust on the Malibu body is
bigger too.

Her hands are different. Korean hand are smaller and fingers
are close together than the Japan Julia hands.

Princess of South Africa and Malibu Christie nude.

She is closer in complexion to Princess of South
Africa (POSA)! Note the difference in
body size. POSA is on the 1991 Body which
has a smaller bust and hips. This is not a mint doll.
There are some small pin holes in the feet. You can't see
them in pictures because of her complexion but you can
see them in person. Her hair needs some work too.

I have her hair pulled back but is a little puffy.
The has been a change in the complexion of her torso.
It has a gray cast to it and is no the same complexion as
her legs and head. In looking at other Malibu Christies I
have found this common for this doll.
Comparison of Repro, Malibu and original Julia heads
She is still my favorite head of all!


D7ana said...

I have this Christie, too, and she's my favorite 1970s Christie.

What I LOVE best about her is that she's a Malibu Christie who looks as if she has been on the beach a LOT. She's darker than the TNT or the BL or the Talking Christies of her time. I always felt glad that Mattel got the Black people do tan thing then.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I always enjoy your comparisons.

Malibu Christie is one of my favorite dolls, too. I purchased my dolls during the 1990s. I only paid $30 to $35 for them never removed from box. I had a third one, but sold it several years ago.

I'm glad you were able to find one.

Perhaps her deep complexion is a result of her Malibu tan.


Niel Camhalla said...

I'm still hunting for my own Malibu Christie :)

Ms. Leo said...

Niel, Happy hunting!

ritak said...

I just bought one Malibu Christie in a bundle of other barbies. I have no idea if she is vintage or repro, body is perfect condition and it says @MATTEL INC 1966 KOREA. Nothing else. Do you know if she is repro or vintage?

Ms. Leo said...

Welcome ritak and thanks for commenting! No, I don't believe that they have made a repro of this doll got a great doll! I hope you enjoy her. The body on mine is a little off in color. It has a gray cast to it. I an thinking about giving her a new one. Maybe a Prince of South Africa, a Model Muse or a Integrity Toy body. I am leaning toward Integrity Toy for articulation.