Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catwalk Kittie!

The Catwalk!

One of my latest purchases is the Catwalk Kittie
Callie Runway and backstage! It is by Lanard Toys and it
came out about2005. I don't remember see it then but
to be honest...I might not have given it a second look if
I did at that that time. was a toy cat.
Now, one many say " what the heck... a fashion cat"?
Yeah, well that is what I said when I first saw it too!
But for me, it is just like Bratz. I buy it not for the doll or
should I say cat. ...I buy it for the accessories! For the things
that come along in the box. Catwalk Kitties comes with some
really great stuff! In a big box.

I purchased it on eBay for about $25.00 with free shipping!
I couldn't pass that up! I might have paid more for it if I had
seen it in a store but for $25 with free shipping....I was on it.
It came UPS too.

This is what it looked like in the box. I can't show you mine
because I opened it so fast and didn't think about pictures
until a half hour later. I got this picture from the web.

Here is the cat! All I can say is someone got paid
for coming up with this idea? WOW! So I strip the
doll/cat and I put it up for sale on TheDollpage with
some other stuff. Feel free to look at the things I have
up for sale! I take trades from people I know. I guess
she is what you would call a tabby and she has
green eyes. I am a cat lover but please, not this.
Here is a picture of some the backstage from the web.
It is kinda similar to the My Scene Party Pad
it has an upstairs without the stupid bed in the way
and a staircase. Yeah.. it purple but you
can work with it. Just take a look at what was done
with it on Somewhere That's Green. (They have some
great tutorial on the site on painting Barbie
furniture and structures.)
I think I will use the staircase and second floor
or my department store.
I can see myself have a lot of
fun with this.
Here is mine!

Second floor! I can see I can expand it to make it hold
more things and seem like a true second floor.

Flowers in a vase, table and great crudites. These
are generous platters too.

Folding screen. It is cardboard but cut and will make
a nice template for other screens!

There are some great clothes too on the rack that came with it.
The cat is a little bigger that Barbie so I will have to
use the clothes for my bigger dolls.

Pink plaid shorts.

Peek-a-boo top! Meow!

The dress the cat wore!
The stage minus the Eiffel Tower.

Here it the lighted stage! This is really cool. Yeah it lights up.
flashes and play music. Pretty cool.

The runway! It reminds KiKi of when she was modeling
in Paris!

I would like to have somewhere to put this.
I have bought some pretty
big pieces lately soon I will have to stop to have room
for everything!


Alrunia said...

Congrats on the sweet find! I completely agree with you as far as a cat doll goes, that's just a tad too much.. But the playset is awesome and the clothes are quite cute, esp the dotted black dress. :D

Paulette said...

Hey Ms. Leo, this is a great find! I have two spiral staircases, a black one that came with the My Scene Party Pad and a white one I got on eBay. Nothing beats them for posing fashion shots! This whole set looks really cool. Enjoy and let us enjoy the pictures!

Ms. Leo said...

Welcome Paulette! I now have two staircase. So I hope to do some really good shot of my dolls. BTW...your white one... who is it by?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Alrunia. Yeah, I like that dress too. It is really cute. As for the cat, someone bought it. So, maybe they have more imagination than I do!

ThisKidTrout said...

I was interested in purchasing a doll body and possibly some heads from you? Is there any way I could contact you through email?