Saturday, January 8, 2011

The New Barbie Sister!

Sisters Skate and
Sisters Skateboard!

I found these dolls while on the hunt for 002 #17. No luck
with # 17 yet. So... there are new Barbie sisters.
Here we have Barbie and Stacie.

Sisters Skate
The Barbie is not what I would call anything exciting.
No a new face and the head seems large.
She has bendable knees but she has one bent arm. To me,
two bent arms are OK but just one is not a good thing.
It limits play with the doll. The Barbie will go into the body

This is a new Stacie face!

She has a cute smile and a pretty face.

Note that Stacie is now a redhead and not a blond. Stacie's
friend Whitney was always the redhead. So I guess we won't
be seeing Whitney any time soon. She has a different body
too. She has articulation legs.

The skate part comes off and shoe can be worn by itself.

Sisters Skateboard

I also have Skipper and Chelsea. Previously, Barbies baby
sister was Kelly and I believe that there was a
Chelsea that was one of Kelly's fiends.

This is a new Skipper and a new Chelsea.


Full body shot.

Skipper is now a brunette! In the Skipper line, Courtney
was the brunette and Skipper was a blond too!

New packaging too!

One of the big advantage to cost cutting at Mattel is that
the packaging is no longer like Fort Knox's. Mostly tape
plastic and thread.

The comparisons!

Chelsea is the same size as the SIS little sister dolls.
There is also a Chelsea sold by herself but she is not
smiling. Surprisingly she is three dollars less that the
SIS little sisters. Is it because her arm can only go up and
down and not sideways too? Is that worth three extra dollars?

Her hands are different too.


Stacie is taller than the old (1992) Stacie and she
has articulating knees. Since this is a new body, clothing
may be an issue for this doll. Also, the addition of
articulation given to both Stacie and Skipper give
them the cutest little bowlegs.

2010 Stacie is tall than the old (1992) Stacie but smaller than
the (1972) Skipper. She is also small that the
1987 Skipper.

From left to right: 1992 Stacie, new 2010 Stacie, 1972 Skipper,
1987 Skipper.

Stacie's feet barefooted and 2010 Skipper's feet in sneaker
and 1992 stacie shoe. Pleanty of room in the shoe!

2010 Stacie's feet are smaller than 2010 Skipper's feet.
2010 Skipper's feet are narrower than 1992 Stacie shoes.
1992 Stacie had some of the
biggest feet for a small doll. 2010 Skipper's feet same size
as High School Musical dolls andMary Kate and Ashley. Teen
Skipper's feet are a little larger.
OK! I spent way to much time on feet!

From left to right: 2010 Skipper, 1987 Skipper,
Teen Skipper1996. 2010 Skipper is about the body size of High
School Musical dolls. I don't own the 1964 skipper so I can't compare.

Warning nude dolls!

Nude Skippers! Less breast.

Nude Stacies
2010 doll have a longer torso!
Three Sisters Together!
I think a made a good purchase!


TM said...

I don't collect Barbie sisters so that's very Interesting. I guess after many years Stacie has finally grown?? I can never keep up with Barbie's sisters...too many these days since I"m assuming Chelsea is the new Kelly?! She should just have her own child! Heehee!

Ms. Leo said...

Hey TM, I think you are right that Chelsea is the new Kelly. I guess the sisters have changed as Barbie has changed. Siblings are important to the delevopement of as a people. Sibling are your first friends and the first persons we fight with and make up with. They are our training ground for the world. Not to say that you won't learn it if you don't have siblings but it is just easier if you do.

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks for the comparison. I was wondering about this. :)

Alrunia said...

Thanks for the review! It's good to know that Stacie and Skipper got such cool new bodies.

Vanessa said...

I like the new Stacie and the new Skipper. I am not sold on the Chelsea doll yet. BTW, you can alter the position of doll arms using the old boiling water/ice bath method. I did this for the male doll I call Keith (Vanessa's husband). He used to have straight arms. I didn't want to change his body at the time, so I just put the arms in a bent position. He can now at least hold his daughter Alicia. Eventually I will change his body.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for commenting Vanessa. I didn't see your previous post. Funny, there is a new blogger who I can't seem to post on either. I am still figuring things out.I don't mind the position of the doll's arms yet but that info is good to know.I will have to check out your Keith doll.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Niel and Alrunia. Always glad to help!

skippercollector said...

I've collected Barbie and family dolls for years, especially Skipper. My sisters and I played with the dolls in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
I think the 2011 Skipper looks like an updated version of the 1960s Skipper dolls with the long straight hair and bangs. The early Skippers came in various shades of blonde, brunette and redhead, so seeing a brunette Skipper is not a shock to me.
I also think that the Chelsea doll in the Sisters Sleep Out set looks more like the 1960s Tutti, which is confusing to me. Who is Tutti? Tutti was a 6-inch tall bendable vinyl doll sold between 1966 and 1971 as Barbie's youngest sister. Tutti was sold as both blonde and brunette and sometimes her hair was in two ponytails. It's most collectors' belief that Tutti and Stacie are the same person, just like Kelly/Shelly/Chelsea are the same person.

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Skippercollector!
I agree that there is something about the face of the new Skipper that reminds me of the 1960 Skipper. The look that she is thinging about something in her nose and mouth. One of the only Skippers not in my collection is the 1960 ones.

As for Chelsea, she doesn't look like Tutti to me but I have only seen the Tutti in the brunette version. Tutti, to me, looks more like the smug faced Kelly dolls with freckels. On my wish list of dolls is Tutti's friend Carla.

Aileen said...

i always wanted the three sisters all together! where do you buy them?

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Aileen! Thanks for commenting. I purchased them at WalMart! There were two sets.