Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toys R Us In My Area Is Closing!

Toys R Us In
Cedarbrook PA Is Closing!
It is kinda sad. So many stores in the area are closing. In the
last two years I have lost some of my greatest sources of doll
stuff but the Toy R Us is the deepest wound. I could always
stop by on my way to the market or the WalMart
(which really didn't carry many dolls lately). Now the closest
place is the Target ( who carries way more toys that the
WalMart). Now I will have to hit the road for the nearest
Toys R Us. This makes my hunt for 002 #17 difficult.
I did buy a few things that were market down 10% and some
at 60%.

I got these there. I think they are for Rudolph the red nose
reindeer. (60%)

I plan to use the figures next year as tree ornaments
and use the instrument for my own doll High School

I also got theses Schools out sets. I really like these
drums. These were marked down 30% but they realized
someone made a mistake but they gave it to
me at that price.

I also got two of the windows. I saw them used in a
really nice diorama and it gave me some ideas.
The mark downs should be deeper as time goes on.


TM said...

I have that Liv doll drumset! I haven't opened it yet but it looks very promising! Have you opened it yet? I'm saving it for one of my Miniature Mondays! Now If I can only find a keyboard to scale with my dolls they can have a cool band!

D7ana said...

Oh no! Not that one! That's the closest and easiest for me to get to ... one bus and I am there.

Serious mourning time ;-(

Ms. Leo said...

D7ana, I know…. I am really bummed. I will probably find myself going all the way to Willow Grove!

TM I have opened it and it is great!!! The proportion are great for a 1/6 scale. I put LL (SIS Darren) at the drums and it looked good. It was definitely worth the $9.00 I paid for it. I have a old Barbie drum set in that pink with yellow cymbals. Ugg! I have and old Barbie keyboard, several guitars and a few other instruments I've been saving up. Maybe it could be a jazz band of piano, bass and drums with players wearing sunglasses. The possibilities are endless.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

It's always painful to lose a favorite doll source.


I hope you're able to find Models 002 and 17 soon.


Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

It is hard to find stores that are "Toy Stores" to buy toys from. Is the toy store on it's way out? Is Toys R Us the only toy store in the country?