Saturday, November 28, 2009

Julia-Comparing The Old To The Repro

I just love Julia. She was one of the first dolls I had to replace when rebuilding my collection. I purchased a Julia on ebay eight years ago. It was very hard to find a doll that I could afford at that time. I finally outbid on a doll on ebay but the hair wasn’t that great. I searched the web and found an artist to re-root her whose work I liked. I got a medium brown hair color (not the screaming orange that the hair had become), eyelashes filled in and nails and toe painted the same pink as the lipstick. She came back beautiful! I will give you the full story with pictures another time. Origanl Julia in black and white and Repro Julia in multi color top.

But today, I am comparing her here with the new reproduction that came out last year. Here are some pictures comparing the two. I do switch back and forth between them to play with. The face is a little different and so is the hair. I wasn’t sure I liked the new doll when I first saw it. I did like the fuller lips and the thought that there would be no green ear if I gave her earrings. I left in to the box for two days but she won me over. I took her out to play with. The eye color is about the same but the painting is slightly different and there is more of an arch to the eye brow on the new doll. The eyes give the new doll a more "relaxed look".

The old doll has a better craftsmanship to the body. The complexion on the new doll is lighter, the hair is longer and darker. Body is the same size so it will fit the old Julia clothers. This is a concern with all the clothes and bodies out there!

--- note the hands-- The fingers are smooth on the old doll( jagged plastic on the fingers of the new doll) and the plastic/rubber is better. The fingers are a different placement too!

The neck is different. The head doesn't come off as easy. Not sure if that is a plus or minus.

For me, the best doll....Ya know it!....the new head on the old body! Do you have a new and and old Julia? Tell me what you think!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I have two vintage Julias and three repros. Unfortunately, none of the repros have been deboxed and only one of the vintage dolls is loose. Thanks for sharing your findings.


smidge girl said...

They're both so pretty! I'd love to get an old Julia doll one day, too. I love her expression. I looked at the Repros when they came out, but didn't get one. Thanks for doing the comparison. I can't believe how rough the hands are on the new doll!

Ms. Leo said...

smidge girl and BD Enthusiast-Thanks for your comments. I think the doll looks a little like Michelle Obama. Or maybe it is just the hair cut. I couldn't believe the hands either. I was suprised at Mattel. They will cut cost on the play line but not on the collector dolls. I do think she looks a little mature to be with Brad unless she is a cougar. I've paired her with someonelse. I would love to have a vintage doll boxed. I've only seen them boxed on the net. It is hard to get a really good look at the doll just seeing it on the net. Vintage dolls suffer from green spot. You can try to remove it but it is hard. You can remove her complexion trying to remove the green spot. Not as much of a problem with white dolls.

D7ana said...

Thanks for this comparison!

Looks like the repro Julia has a larger head?

Ms. Leo said...

No, she is in the front and her hair is fuller.