Thursday, November 19, 2009

Faces of Francie

My Girls

Repro 30th Anniversary Gad-Abouts

Repro Smashin’ Satin

Original Francie

Repro The Wild Bunch
Here are the faces of my Francie. The doll’s original
name was Francie Fairchild and she debuted in 1966 as
the “Mod Cousin of Barbie”. She is smaller than Barbie.
As a child, it bothered me that she and Barbie couldn’t
share clothes. I’m all grown up now! The original Francie
looks down as you can see from the picture. I guess she
is shy. The reproductions look up more than the original.
Neither the original nor the repro has the swivel neck
and so they can’t look up fully. I don’t have an original
black Francie.
My mother tossed her out when I was
young (SIGH) and I have not be able to afford another as an adult.
I dream of her. They are shown nude here so that you can see
the body has not changed. The faces on the repro are nice but not
exactly like the original. I believe the Wild Bunch and 30th
Anniversary Gad About are the same face. The Smashin’ Satin
is different. All the original Francie dolls used the same
head mold. I didn’t add the Malibu doll because the face
is different.


D7ana said...

As an adult, I love Francie, but as a child, I wanted Casey. My Mom didn't like Casey's look so that was probably the only doll that I really, really wanted but didn't get as a child. Years later, I got one from a Canadian collector. Still have her now.

Thanks for sharing your Francie photos. The Repro Wild Bunch looks okay. Now her I might be able to afford LOL

I-Luv-Dolls said...

The Wils Bunch is very pretty and the face paint is really nice. The bangs are shorter that the original. The hair on the Wild Bunch and the Smashin' Satin is the best. Gad About is too soft. She is still cute. She looks good in a lot of different fashions. I don't like the Francie clothes much. I love the Teen Skipper and Generation Girl fashions on her. She looks good in the slim fitting dollar store clothes too. I think I will need to show those:). The great thing about the repro....No Green spots!!! That's a story too! Thanks for viewing!

TM said...

I just love Francie! She's got the sweetest face on a doll I've ever seen. There's not enough Francie pages on the net. It's awesome to see her in your blog!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks! Beside Julia, she is my second favorite and it was a tough contest! :)

noone said...

I know this is an old thread, but I just had to post....I am a BIG fan of Francie and aside from the Smashin' Satin repro (which I don't care for due to the hair) I have the other Francies. Actually I have about 20 or 30 vintage and repro Francies, including her friends Casey & Twiggy.

BTW what did you do with the AA repro Francie body?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment no one! I am not sure what I did with the body. I am going though my things for items to sell if I find it, I will contact you. I suggest you look at the Facebook selling groups. I often see Frances for sale there!