Friday, November 6, 2009

Head Swapped Dolls

Head Swap Dolls!

Nude to compare.

I know many doll collectors like the jointed bodies with full
articulation. I see that Mattel is now doing a doll that
can be posed in “100” different position. I still like the
smooth line of the original Barbie bodies or at least
some of the Barbie bodies. After not being completely
satisfied with many of the bodies the dolls I purchase
came with and read about how to do in the old Barbie
Bazaar magazine (I really miss that magazine),
I started attempting to put the heads of the dolls I

liked on the bodies I want them to have. I do it a lot
now and not just with Barbie. Some of my favorite
dolls now are combination of heads and bodies. I

guess for me it is about the face. (Key term--
Head Swapped Doll or HSD) It also allows dolls
that I couldn’t find clothes for to be able to wear
some of my favorite outfits and be partnered with
other dolls. Here are two of my favorite HSD dolls.
This is Fiona and her sister Siobhan. Fiona, the

blonde, has the head of the Toy Biz Eowyn on a
Mattel Velma from Scooby Doo/teen Skipper
body. I pick that size body because it was the right

complexion for the face, she (the doll) need to be
shorter than her husband who is shorter
than Ken size and it was on sale. Size and

complexion are the two things
that determine what head get what

body for me. I found the Toy Biz
body a little scary. Some heads won’t fit on

certain bodies and you have to play with it a
little. Also here is Siobhan who is the redhead.
She is a Toy Biz doll too. She is Mary Jane from

Spiderman on a Snow White body that I found
at a thrift store. I have changed out almost
my entire collection of female dolls that had

“gift giving arms” for straight
arms bodies. I haven’t done as many of the

guys. Head swaps can make
a dollar store doll a great addition to your collection


smidge girl said...

Hi, I-Luv-Dolls! Great Blog! I always get sooo excited when there's a new doll blog:) I've been doing some body swapping lately too. I really like having the articulation option, but I agree, so lose something when you don't have those long smooth limbs. My very favorite doll came from the dollar store:) So far she's gotten a new body and a re-root, so there's not much of her left, but I loved her face! Can't wait to read more from you!

I-Luv-Dolls said...

Hi Smidge girl,
Some of my favorite dolls have come from the dollar store too. Some I have given new bodies and some not. I would love to see a picture of your doll. Sadly, there aren't as many dolls or clothes (Can’t forget the clothes!) in the dollar store as there use to be. What's up with that! I am always looking for a new face for my collection. (I sound like a movie agent) The face is what gives the doll personality. Some of the celebrity doll faces/dolls are to pricy for my budget right now. I would love to have some of them! I will post some of my dollar store finds soon so that you can see them. I will keep an eye for dolls in the dollar store.