Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prince Naveen

OK! So I’m flicking through the internet and I happen to see someone has a picture of the Prince Naveen doll from the Princess and the Frog movie. It isn’t a close up picture so I trying going to a few other sites to see if I can get a close-up on the Prince.

Now I’ve heard the talk about it’s going to be the first interracial couple for Disney and all but he didn’t look like his race was all that different from the shot I saw. Finally, I find a good picture. One of those pictures where I can get a close-up on the prince’s face. Hey…he is cute! Well I can always use another ethnic male in dolly land. So I set out to get him.

In my area, Target always seems to have the new dolls first. The only doll they missed out on was the repo Julia. (more on her another time). So I go to Target (Cheltenham) and look around. I don’t see him with the individual Disney dolls but Princess Tiana isn’t there either. I head around the corner and there she is. After look around a little more, I spy the couple Tiana and Naveen together (at the bottom of the shelf in the back). There aren’t any single Naveen just the couple. Her head is way too big for my liking. It is probably the biggest head on a fashion doll that Mattel had ever done!

Mattel, I don’t need the head to be that big to see it and I think most children have better eyesight than I do. So can you let go of the big heads on the dolls!

Anyway, he is pretty cute! I buy them. I’m sure I find a doll head more worthy of the body from my collection. I get them home and un-box him. I am not a fan of the prince outfits. They go up on ebay!

Sigh! Another male doll that has legs that don’t bend! Mattel, we know times are tight but not again. Double Sigh! Princess Tiana’s legs don’t bend either! Mattel—we are going to have to have a little talk in the corner!!

He is still pretty cute so he will be added to dolly land while I scout for a different body. Here are the pictures!


smidge girl said...

He is cute:)! And I'm in full agreement over the big heads. What is the deal? They're giant!

D7ana said...

Yes, I'm tired of the big heads, too.

Hey, you found Prince Naveen in the Cheltenham Target. Okay, I'll check there when/if I decide to get him.

I think that the two are sold as a set to ensure that Mattel sells all the Princess Tiana dolls they can. (Given the big head). Plus anyone who bought Tiana when she first came out, will have to buy her again to get the Prince. Legal but not fair.

I-Luv-Dolls said...

Yes, the big heads have got to go! His head isn't as big as hers. So he is worth having.

smidge girl... maybe Mattel will get the message.

D7ana...the prince will be issued by himself but I don't know when or where. Certain stores have certain doll and that another topic for another time. Yes, I got mine at Cheltenham Target.