Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senorita Bonita

Hey Gang!

I got this doll a year ago at a Kmart in my area that was going out of business. I don’t remember what her packaging said but it was all smashed when I got her. She was less than five dollars! What a bargain! I love the dress and the hair comb and fan. She is the prefect flamingo dancer-Senorita Bonita. I can picture her dancing in a movie at a nightclub!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Senorita Bonita resembles the Chic Boutique line, Chicas a la mode. I think that when Kmart issued their Just Girlz, they might have used the Chic Boutique dolls for that line. (Kmart used Integrity Alysa head molded dolls for the AA Just Girlz. said...

I do believe your right. I think it was Just Girlz. I love her dress, hair comb and fan. I have to drive a bit now to find a KMart.