Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st. Issue Mulan

I was talking with another blogger,
about Mulan.
I want to give a big shout out to Cyano. She has lovely
Asian dolls on her blog and she does re-rooting of doll's
hair. The dolls on her site are quite beautiful. As a
lite-weight crafter, it is one thing to do something for
youself but it is another to do it for others. I give her big
props for taking her skills to another level.

I told her that I had one version of the doll
(Mulan) without the smile. She said she had not
see her. So I am posting it for her! I hope everyone
else enjoys it as well!

I got this doll from a thrift store. The larger thrift stores
in my area have moved and I have had to buy some dolls
I play with new! :( Her hair was cut but she is still beautiful.
I normally dress her more athletic clothes because of her
body. This figure represents when she was pretending to
be a boy. She has flat feet, so it hard to find shoes for her.
She doesn't have on much make-up but she doesn't look
boyish to me. She has a very pleasant expression.

I originally got this gown for Julia but she wasn't feelin'
it. Mulan loved it so she wears it. I love the way she looks
in this.

She is wearing sandals from Moses-Prince of Egypt with
socks and cummerbund from Ken.

I have the Princess Mulan face her for comparison.

The 1st issue's face is fuller and the smile is in her eyes
and not her mouth.


D7ana said...

Oh, I like your version, without the mouth smile, better. She'll go on my second level Wish list - for dolls and action figures, I would buy if the price is right and/or I encounter after I've bought some first level Wants.

cyano said...

She looks like Pocohantas! I think she is Secret Hero Mulan. I never saw her in person, always thought it was the same mold as the current one. I re-body all my older Mulans - hate those flat feet!
Thanks so much for posting the pictures! :-)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, I like her too.

D7ana said...

Cyano had her full name right; I googled "Secret Hero Mulan" and got this photo.

Lucky Ms. Leo :-)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana! I will add it to the label

V. said...

Once I had this doll too. I dressed her as a ballerina. She's very cute!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment V. and welcome to my blog! I would love to see pictures of her dressed as a ballerina!