Friday, January 20, 2012

The Roving Reporter Will Rove A Little Less

When Steven got back from St. Malcolm there was a message
for him telling him that the owner and General Manager of the
WJBS station would like to see him. He went to his office to
find out what was up!

Steven: Hello Mr. Kingsley, you sent for me?

Mr. Kingsley: Yes, I did. How was your vacation and how is
that grandmother of yours?

Steven: It was very nice Sir. It was nice to spend time with my
grandfather and her. She is doing well! I will tell her you asked
about her.

Mr. Kingsley: Have a seat. Somethings have gone on at the station
I would like to talk to you about!

Mr. Kingsley: We are expanding our programing hours next
month. We want to have a interview forum an hour long. Your
human interest segments have done real well! The public seem
to really like you and I think you would be perfect for this
interview forum!

Mr. Kingsley: It will be an hour interview with some local
and maybe some national guests. We were thinking about
someone local for the first interview. We are thinking about
Francesca DeSante for the first interview but we can talk
about that later.

Mr. Kingsley: I know you have the gallery going on so this
will be a recorded piece that will air on Sundays. You can
even interview some of the people you know in the art world.
What do you think about it?

Steven: Wow! It sounds very interesting! Thank you for
thinking of me for this Sir.

Mr. Kingsley: You'll get to pick most of your own subjects but
there will be somethings that the station would like to have
happen surrounding events. You will also get to pick your own
camera team and research help. In addition, you will also have
to sit in on the weekly station meeting.

Steven: Wow! I don't know what to say.

Mr. Kingsley: I want you to sit in on next week's station
meeting to get your feet wet! Of course, this will mean an
increase in pay to go along with the responsibilities. You will
have a meeting in Holly in HR next week too!

Steven: Thanks you very much Sir!

Mr. Kingsley: So, think about all we have talked about here
and we can meet again next week regarding any questions
you might have. Are you up for the challenge?

Steven: Yes, Sir! Thanks you, Sir!

Steven: This is an excellent opportunity
and I won't let you down.

Mr. Kingsley: I have no doubt about that! You have really
proven yourself here.

Steven: Thanks you for this opportunity. I have to record
them to send to my grandmother. She will burst with pride.

Mr. Kingsley: I'm sure she will.

Mr. Kingsley: I really feel good about that decision!


limbe dolls said...

I really like the minimalist set, especially the windows.

Brini said...

I love the set and so happy for Steven he is a man on the move! Where did you get those great shirts? I need to work on my men wardrobe!

Georgia Girl said...

Good story Ms. Leo. I love your set. I wish I had a boss like Mr. Kingsley. Steven got a raise without asking...way to go Steve! I agree with Brini, I need more men clothes.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, A very interesting story. I love how you left the office. The table does not lack any detail. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls , Brini, Geogia Girl and Marta. I'm glad you liked the set. The window are photos that I put up. The office style is all Brian Kingsley. He likes a clean look but I do think he need a picture of his wife in his office! I will talk to him about that. His and the station awards are in the conference room.

Brini and Geogia Girl, Mr. Kingsley believes in rewarding hard work. that is something that is not done much these days. A good boss is hard to find!

I have been able to find really good action figure outfits. They can be more realistic. Mr. Kingsley shirt is an action figure shirt. Steven came in a Fashion Avenue Ken pack. I do have some outfits up for sale!

D7ana said...

Nice sets - I agree with everyone on that. Charming story. But I really like your "Brian Kingsley" figure. Is he the AA G.I. Joe on sale at the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club? He has a beautifully clear complexion.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana! I don't know if he is the same action figure you mentioned. I could not find that toy on that site but it could be. He is a Joe! He has a very dark complexion which I like. I lighten him a little in the shots because he was getting..."washed out" with the black background. I do love me some Joe's! I have a few AA Joe's.

Tracy India said...

Love the dio set up and story line Ms Leo!! Mr. Kingsley is really handsome. Is he a Joe? Congrats to Stephen. :)

Hey, It's Muff said...

I too like the set, but more than that I like your camera movements. I tend to flip through the large size photo viewer first with a second window to read the dialog. Going through the photos was just like live action camera cuts.

Ms. Leo said...

Hey, It's Muff, I have never tried doing that. I think I will try view photo stories that way. Thanks!

Thanks Tracy India, Steven is a really hard worker. It is the St. Malcolm in him.
Mr. Kingsley knows talent when he see it! I like the combo of his sharp features with his dark skin!

Chynadoll said...

Love the set. The contrast of the black and white is nice. Great story.