Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laurent’s Formal Wear Boutique

Laurent’s Formal Wear Boutique
Here are the prints from the ad for Laurent’s Formal Wear
Boutique. It is the formal wear shop inside the department

I will show the photo shoot later. Kiki’s public relation
company said she needed more advertisement for the store.
They were surprised and happy to learn that Kiki could
bring in some heavy hitter for the ad.

Kiki made a call to her good friend Dominique. She was just
rapping up her first movie and was flying home.

Dominique said that she might be able to persuade one of
the stars of the movie, Grayson Stone, to do the commercial
with her. They had become good friends while working on the

Grayson Stone-Actor, Philanthropist, new father.

Kiki new that her father-in-law always look very
distinguished in a tux, so she talked him into doing the
commercial too.

Stephan told Grayson all about St. Malcolm's new additions.
Now Grayson plans to take a vacation with with his
wife and family there soon.

The photos came out just like they wanted them to. Oh, and
by the way, Ms. D is wearing the necklace and the fantastic
pumps from Cat under the dress!

I want to thank edmondlives from thedollpage for these
two tuxes! Please check out his site!

I am getting a few new dolly things in, so I will have to make
space by letting a few dolly things go. I will be posting new
things on my sell and trade tab and on my dollpage site
starting on the 9th. Please give them a look also!


Hey, It's Muff said...

This is so stylish and Dominique is owning it!

limbe dolls said...

The formal wear is very sharp and elegant. Lovely photos!

Frannie said...

Love the ad! They all look so elegant!

Chynadoll said...

Very stunning! They look awesome. Dominique is working her outfit! Great pic. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like Kiki and Dominique's clothes. They are three very elegant. We remain in contact blog blog

Vanessa said...

Love the ad. Tres chic et elegante! Dominique has a look of "well it's about time I get some attention around her". Love the jewelry and her hair.

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice! Ms. D looks lovely as ever and the gentleman are sharp as well.

Brini said...

I love the ad so very Fashion Fair!! I agree those tucks do look good and I will gladly check out his site. Thanks!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Hey, It's Muff, limbe dolls, Frannie, Chynadoll, Marta,Vanessa, Georgia Girl and Brini!

Hey, It's Muff, she is a Diva and has been modeling a long time. She knows how to steal a shot!

limbe dolls, I am going to try harder this year to take better photos.

Frannie, it is the look that Kiki and Imani were going for.

Chynadoll, like I told Hey, It's Muff, she is a scene stealer! I hope to post the back story soon. That is, if I can get bodies for everyone I need to.

Marta, I will tell Kiki you approve!

Vanessa, you know it! She is feeling better about the blog now.

Georgia Girl, Ms. D really need to stand out or these two guy might steal the show! LOL

Brini, I had one of these tuxes but I couldn't resist getting two more for the price. Sadly the day after I posted this ad, Edmondlives sold out!