Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrift Store 2012!

The President said that it time to become fiscally responsible!
So, I am back at my favorite thrift store. This is a good time for
thrift store find because people are donating for tax deductions
and to thin out things after all the new stuff they received for

I came looking for articulated bodies! That is my quest this year,
to pay as little as possible for replacement bodies and get as many
of them that I can from the secondary market. Thank you
limbe dolls! I didn't see any bodies this time.
I scored some nice things though!

I find two bags full of items that I almost didn't see. It pays to dig
down deep at the thrift store. They were $3.00.

The first contained some Bratz items.

I will use the clothing for some of my smaller dolls.I liked
the mannequin because it can be used in Laurent's.

I don't think this dress are Bratz but I can use them. They are
too large to be Bratz...maybe High School Musical. There was
a hanger too large for even Barbie, Bratz feet (which will be sold)
some shoes, books and other odds and ends.

I liked this cut top!

The second bag had mostly shoes. There was a mini Bratz
inside. She will be used as a doll for someone soon.
Then...but wait that....yes it is!

It is ...the happy family baby! Now that is a score!

And she even has a dolly! Soo cute!


I guess this is a diaper bag but I have never seen a silver one.
She must be a very stylish mother.

There were also alot of shoes! I have to look at my other shoes
to see if these are dups. All dups will be sold! That is the project
for the new year. Also there are some handbags, jacket, water
bottle, baby stuff and flippers. I will sent the flipper to
St. Malcolm.

There is tooth paste, sticker and other odds and ends

Mini Bratz doll with extra feet and brush!

As a mini, she is not bad but I don't like the full size dolls.

She comes with a mic!


william said...

It looks like i need to start checking these places out more often!

April W. said...

You found some great stuff. I love those black open toe shoes!

Georgia Girl said...

Wonderful finds! I haven't been in a long while...maybe I will go this weekend.

Brini said...

You scored big!! That's one of the reason why I love checking your blogs you always find great items.

Marta said...

Hi from spain, congratulations on your purchases. You were very luck to find the baby Krissy with the complements. I am looking over and I did no found. How luckyyou have out there in such sales. In Spain there are not. Keep in touch

Hey, It's Muff said...

I need to venture outside my little area and find some other thrift stores.

Vanessa said...

It does pay to dig deep. Congrats on the Happy Family baby. I have that silver mesh bag, but can't for the life of me remember what it came with. Love her little dolly, too.

Dollz4Moi said...

Nice finds Ms Leo. The couple of outfits are Mary-Kate & Ashley clothes. Krissy's doll is from the Tiny Steps Kelly set. The silver bag is from the Walking Barbie & Krissy set.

You've got some great finds :O)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks William, April W., Georgia Girl, Brini, Marta, Hey, It's Muff, Vanessa and Dollz4Moi.

William, try to find a thrift store that has a toy section and not just toys from time to time. That means that they get in toys regularly. I helps if they are part of a change of thrift stores like Good Will.

April W., I did do pretty good that day! Nothing beats a strappy shoe.

Georgia Girl, it pays to go to the thrift stores regularly!

Brini, I do seem to have luck at the thrift stores. I will have to find some new ones this year to broaden my chances.

Marta, I was lucky! I have been wanting this baby for a while. She is soo cute. I would like to have another.

Hey, It's Muff, there use to be two thirft stores really close to me that I would go to regularly. They alway had doll stuff. They both closed! Now I have to venture a little distance to the thrift store but It is worth it!

Vanessa, I have seen the HF baby go for 10-20 dollars by itself on ebay. I was have to get all that stuff or $3.00 in one bag.

Dollz4Moi, thanks for the info. I wasn't sure where these items were from.