Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Star Body vs. Model Muse Body

The Star body (SB) has the same small frame with long legs
as the Model Muse body (MMB). Neither dolls’ legs bend!
The Star body comes with painted on underwear. I find this
not unusual for a playline doll but for a fashion doll made
for collectors, I think that his is unusual.

The Star Body

Star has smaller neck knob that most Barbies!

Side by side

long legs

The Model Muse body can sit. The Star body can not. Star
doll legs fit into the torso and not along side it. A
reconstruction of the body would have to be done it
the future for these dolls to sit.

The arms of the Star doll about the same length.

The hands on the star seem a little more graceful.

The Star doll has more junk in the trunk than the model muse.

This may mean that the pants for this doll may fit the
Belly button bodies… I don’t know this for sure yet.

Finally the Star doll has larger feet (similar to the old Jakks feet) that most of the Mattel fashion dolls I have seen. So what does this mean for the Star shoes? I don’t know yet but I’ll keep you informed!

Thanks for looking! :)


D7ana said...

Thanks for writing this informative and well-illustrated post. Maybe the Stardolls footwear can be used for our Jakks Pacific dolls? Only one of my J.P. dolls can sit. The others have the same hip-legs configuration as the Stardolls.

Tracy India said...

"More junk in the trunk" LOL...I do like the design of the Stardoll's body compared to Model Muse but it is a shame the legs do nothing. Also, I placed a Barbie head on the Star body just to see how it would like and the actual neck is smaller. So, the Barbie's head just bobbles a little bit and looks funny.

Vanessa and I were chatting about a flickr photo that showed a Stardoll/LIV hybrid being able to wear Stardoll shoes. But in another photo the shoes seemed too big. I tried the shoes on an FR body and on my LIV body and they do actually fit the LIV but look BIG on them. They do not fit an FR's feet and of course, too big for Barbie.

It's a conundrum.

Frannie said...

I didn't think the Stardolls feet were that much bigger. Vanessa commented on my post that the Shoezies by Hasbro I found might fit the Stardoll. I think Vanessa may be right.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: didn't know that habíua so much difference between the bodies and feet. In Spain this kind of dolls do not sell them. They do not bring any black wrist only ArTsy the fashionista. The Stardoll not those sold never. I see that in America you have dolls who never were in Spain. What luck! We are still in contact and blog blog

Alison in CA said...

Very good comparison. I didn't realize how unarticulated the Star bodies were, or about the painted-on underwear. I do love their hands, though.

"Junk in the trunk." [giggle]

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for another great comparison. My doll arrived yesterday, but I have not opened the shipper. It's nice to know what to expect. What a shame they can't sit. A new body will definitely be in order.


Vanessa said...

Wow, a completely unmovable body. Don't remember the last time I saw that. Update on the shoes....they fit the Monster High dolls perfectly, as per one of my flickr buddies. (Sorry, I don't know how to paste a link in this section).

affandydesign said...

good information

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, Tracy India, Frannie, Marta, Alison in CA, dbg of BDE, Vanessa and Affandydesign.

D7ana, you are welcome. I have one JP doll left on the original body. I have to check to see if she can sit. I'll try the shoes on her too.

Tracy India, that is interesting to know. I guess I didn't like the Star body so I never thought about using it. The shoes, I tried them on Liv and agree. I also saw Star on Liv body. It might work too! I have seen them on Pop Life too. They looked good on Pop Life.

Frannie, I'm not up on the Shoezies. I will have to look them up!

Alison in CA and dbg of BDE , it is the Mattel cha cha! One step forward and two steps backward!

Vanessa. The arms move up and down but that is it! Thanks for the info!

Welcome Affandydesign! I try!