Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Dress for Bling!

Bling's New Dress!
I wanted a Asian inspired dress for Ms. Bling. So here she is
in her Qi Pao!

Bling has to break away from the traditional red! She
wanted a more girly pink.

This is great for going out and to wear for Chinese New Years.

She glad she found this dress!

She is wearing it as a dress but it can be worn with pants too!

Ready to party!

I love her face!

Thanks for looking!


Vanessa said...

Very pretty. I love her bracelets, too.

Tracy India said...

She looks gorgeous!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the dress of Eastern style in rose enchants to me. The bottom of the wall imitating the stone is ideal and very real. We follow in contact of blog blog

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Tracy India and Marta.

Vanessa the bracelet is Liv and I love it too.

Tracy, that Bling is a charmer!

Marta, me encanta este vestido. Cuando digo que yo era nuevo para ella. Nos mantenemos en contacto a los blogs.

Rossetti said...

Great blog, you've got a new follower!

Cindy's Dollz said...

What a perfect outfit for her!
She is lovely!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Cindy's Dollz, I just need some pant to go with this outfit.

sarahwillman said...

luv ur site. would love to add you to myn