Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Edward Running Bear

This is Edward Running Bear,PHD. He came to
Johnston for several reasons. There was some
controversy over part of the land that the military
base was built on. Because of this, the base had
been closed for over 80 years. In a Supreme Court
decision, this portion of land was returned to the
Iroquois Nation and a settlement was to be paid.
One part of the settlement, a Native American
Museum was to be established. It was decided by
the Iroquois the museum would be in Johnston.
The second part of the settlement was the
establishment of a scholarship for people of
Native American decent. Chief Running Bear was
here to make sure these things happened.

Another reason for his move was that a university
was to be establish here. Johnston University a
divisionof the University of Penn. Edward was
offered a Deans position teaching American
history from a multicultural point of few without
calling it anything else but "American History".
This was consider too controversial for many
other colleges.

Finally he moved here because the Iroquois and
Native American settlement was large enough
to have horses!

Here he is with his horses!
(I found these guys for a dollar at the thrift store.
I knew I could work them into this story.)
The black one is Coal and the tan one Rain

He would have hated to have to leave his horses

Stay tuned for more!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: very good buy both horses. I remain attentive to the evolution of history. We remain in a contect blog Blog

Ms. Leo said...

Gracias Marta. Estoy trabajando en reunir a mis líneas de la historia muchos en una historia. Por favor, seguir viendo como se juntan. Seguimos en un blog de blogs Contect.