Wednesday, November 23, 2011

While Getting The Fixings For Thanksgiving

I was out getting some last minute things for
Thanksgiving dinner. My market was out of
sharp cheese. Can you believe that, they were
all out. Well, what puts the real favor in the
cheese mix of baked macaroni than sharp cheese.
So now I'm driving out of my normal area. I come
to an intersection where this guy is selling odds and
ends on the corner. I hit the brakes
when I saw something big and pink in the corner.
I looked quickly in the back of the car, the eggs are OK.
I parked the car and casually walked over. As I get closer,
I can see it is what I thought. I walked over and
tried to look cool and not excited. I looked at everything
first and then walked over to this.
2001 Grand Hotel!

Front View
I doesn't have the furniture or front doors. Still not too
bad. It doesn't have the second bed/bathroom thingie. Still
not too bad. It doesn't have the check in desk. That would be
too much to hope for. There aren't any cracks and nothing
is broken. So, I ask him how much. He say $4.00.
Now, do I need another structure? No! Do I have
space for another structure? Not really! Should
I buy it anyway? Yes! I almost tore my pocket off given
him the money. Check out the redo of the front of the Grand
Hotel in Roville. The windows are also used. In Circlez
City Women's Conference the hotel was also used.
These are both good sites if you like clothing, props, and dolls!

Inside View
It is in need of a good cleaning. I will do that next week.
This week will be too crazy.

I have seen the hotel re-done by a few people and have
seen bits and pieces of in used in dioramas. I have seen the
front of the house in Roville as a the Lilac Bakery. (see above)
So for me the question is do I keep it whole or in pieces.

I have to find out what can be taken out. I don't think
I would want a salon where it is. Should I try to chase down
the missing pieces for the hotel? I have seen item time to
time on ebay. I read a post (you most check it out) on
A Doll Affinity of a women who has been working on
her doll room for 17 years. Slowly collecting pieces.
That makes me a baby at it.

I always love this horse shoe shaped sectional about
the hotel.

I love the windows too!

It has one of the beds. The purple thing fits in the slots
and joins the parts of the house together.

Both the phones are there. This one has the stool.

The bathtub/bed should have been here. It may be
hard to find. I might have to come up with something
new for this spot.

I plan to start my house painting of my houses in the new year.
I guess I need a big can of primer in.


Georgia Girl said...

Great find! It will be cool either way that you choose to use it. As a hotel, it is nice and you could add on or to use pieces would be cool because the pieces (windows, doors, etc) are nice accents to any diorama. It's a winner either way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frannie said...

Great find! Love the Hotel! Please take pictures of the renovations!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

You have a great eye for finding treasures like this. Aren't you glad your usual market was out of sharp cheese?


D7ana said...

Congratulations on your neat find. I look forward to seeing your renovations on it.

Tracy India said...

I agree with everyone, GREAT find...and you can't beat that price. Thanks for posting the link to City Circlez, I haven't seen this blog before. Boy, this person has quite a collection! I'm hooked on the stories too.

Vanessa said...

Ms. Leo strikes again with the big bargain. Wonderful find. Much better than sharp cheese, although I am sure you got that too.

limbe dolls said...

Another great find! I got this on eBay around 2005 at what I considered to be a good price but I can't beat $4. I originally wanted three of them to make the courtyard of a grand French chateau. The seller dropped the second one I tried to buy down the stairs and it broke into little pieces so she had to cancel the sale.

Many thanks for the link to Life Circles. I hadn't seen this site either. Hope your mac and cheese came out well.

Chynadoll said...

Great find! Looking forward to seeing the renovations.

MamaMayhem2 said...

OH WOW!!! I just bought an almost PERFECT Grand Hotel, and talking train with moving scenery. I found both on Craigslist complete with furniture and accessories and both still have clear sound. I purchased them both in addition to Holiday Kelly doll NIB,Generation Girl BARBIE NIB, and NIB LIV making waves plavset for $70. My only problem- and this is huge for me because I am a perfectionist-is that they let their children stick the interior decals wherever they wanted and it looks like crap ;P I'm new at this and have tried to gently peel & scan/print to Avery labels, but its not working. Mattel is NO help.....Any suggestions would be appreciated! I have 3 (2vintage) Barbie houses I REALLY want to "renovate" for the kids.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Everyone!
Georgia Girl, I think it would be nice either way too. In pieces, keep just the details, it would be easier to store. I do need a hotel for the Chateau in St. Malcolm.

Frannie, Chynadoll and D7ana, I am hoping to start the reno's in January. I will post pictures.

Tracy India and limbe dolls,
I'm glad you enjoyed City Circlez. It was one of the first diorama sites I came across when I started to collect dolls. It was the first time I had see so many dolls rebodied on to articulation bodies. There must have been a lot of money envolved in that.

Hey dbg Of BDE and Vanessa, I never got the sharp cheese. I think I waited to late to shop for it. My mac didn't taste the same....but we eat it! I am happy with the hotel.

Thanks MamaMayhem2 and welcome to my blog. It looks like you found a great deal too. I am planning to use a steamer to remove the stickers. I will let you know how it comes out. Are you looking to redo with the original sticker/look or just redo. Check out this redo. It is not the same house but simular in style. Please send me picture of your reno's too!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love the hotel. You can make a home for your Barbies. I see possibilities. Since you work for the next days. I'm excited to see how you have left. We remain in contact blog blog