Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AA Star Doll!

She Is A Star!
I purchased an AA Star Barbie after seeing them on Dolls
in the City’s blog
. They are 16.99 at TRU. She is a very pretty
doll! I’m not sure if this doll is considered “playline”. She
doesn’t have the larger head that most of the playline dolls
do (except the SIS). I do think she looks like Beyonce’
without the smile. She looks like what Mattel should
have done with the doll they produced of her. The doll
that they did, in my opinion, the nose was off in proportion
to the eyes and the face. On the AA Star doll the proportions
are correct. I love that they have eyelashes too. They are just
the right length. I do wish she had an articulated body but
Mattel is not taking the hint. I put her head on a Barbie
So In Style Stylin Hair Trichelle. The body matched perfectly!
I gave her a new more hip hop outfit and she would ready
to hit the dolly town but first she got to paint the wall!

I'm crazy in love with this doll!


william said...

Congrats on getting her! The star dolls are starting to get everyone hooked because they look better then most Barbies! I havent got this one yet but maybe in the near future and with them being 16.99 i just might have to pick up a couple more!
I cant waite to get my hands on their acessory packs which i have not yet seen!

Chynadoll said...

WOW! You make her look great! I picked her up in TRU and put her right back down lol. I loved the face but the rest was a mess. The outfit for the AA doll was goofy and I did not like the fact that she was not articulated. You got her for a steal for what you paid. Had she been that price when I went, I might have purchased her. Great job, she looks fab and very much like Beyonce'

Barbies4Sale! said...

I "think", and this is just my opinion. That most of your playline dolls are in the $3-$7 range. Of course, if you got the money. Then I guess a $50-$100 doll would be considered playline. ~ Ken

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

She's lovely. She looks like so many people (stars, in fact). Love her new outfit and body.

I'm waiting for mine to arrive or she may be in one of the three packages that arrived yesterday.

Fashionistas are on sale for $8.99 this week at Target in case someone is in need of another articulated body.


Tracy India said...

Congrats Ms. Leo!! I get so excited when I see someone get her because you're right, she's really pretty. She looks perfect on that Trichelle body! I am loving how you styled her, she looks like she'd be really cool friends with Bling. :) Can't wait to see how you use her in a story or if she's going to have a boyfriend/husband.

Nice photos.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: what great idea the one to create the club those that you live by your zone. I hope that you junteis many collectors of Barbie. your new doll is precious. I do not know because Mattel does not tell that all we preferred the articulated body. The old body is laborious. Very pretty and what luck because yes it is looked to me like Beyonce.We follow in contact of blog blog

MissSpottyJane said...

Very nice! It's good to know she matches Trichelle.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks William, Chynadolls,Barbies4Sale,dbg of BDE,Tracy India, Marta and MissSpottyJane.

William, I saw you purchased the Asian doll. She looks really good and "may" be my next purchase. LOL! They didn't have the packs :(!

Chynadolls, out of all the Star dolls she was the one that had the only outfit that looked like playline Barbie. Big let down!, I had to fix her up right! Yeah, she looks like Beyonce!

Barbies4Sale, I like your price point! Do you hear that Mattel, 3-7 dollars!

dbg of BDE, thanks for the info! I want to see pics of yours.

Tracy India, She does look like she and Bling would be cut buddies!
Kinda bad apart and worse together types.

Marta, ¿Estas muñecas llegó a España todavía?

MissSpotty Jane, I think there are a few good body matches for her. I do like her on the Trichelle!

D7ana said...

Congratulations, Ms. Leo!

She looks great and even better on that Trichelle body.

Thanks for sharing your photos.