Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whoa, Mrs. Woo!

Whoa, it is Mrs. Woo!
Luci Woo will join her husband for the weekend in DC when
he has to stay there especially long.

Watch out DC!

They have been married a long time but she is a firm
believer in keeping the home fires…burning.

She says“ the show ain't over!”

She has check into the Grand Hotel and is waiting for him
to join her there for dinner.

She dresses in the types of things she knows her husband
like to see like this little black number.

He misses her too.

Thomas is glad she came!

Well, it is off to dinner!


Frannie said...

They make a nice couple.

Anonymous said...

Love it! What sculpt is Mr. Woo?

Tracy India said...

You and Vanessa are pros when it comes to couples and chemistry! I LUV Luci Woo, she's gorgeous. I had no idea she'd look this good on a LIV body and her head and face size look perfect with her hubby. Great job! Hope we get to peek in on their date. ;)

Vanessa said...

You go Mrs. Woo! Loving your little black number.
Aren't you glad you crossed over to the dark side of the LIV bodies? I love her sculpt.

D7ana said...

I love the fashions and the setting. Go Mrs. Woo! Work the dress! Nice to see the Jakks Pacific Lucy Liu as a Charlie's Angels character - you know I did NOT see that movie, right? LOL.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, Vanessa, Tracy India, Pudgybudgie and Franie!

D7ana, do any of us see the movies or do we just buy the dolls! LOL! Sometimes the only way to get a new doll is with a movie.

Yessss Vanessa, you were right! I love some of my dolls on the liv bodies. I think I'm at my max. I need a few more Fashionista bodies.

Tracy, I had Thomas in line for another doll when I ordered him two years ago. When he came in Luci dumped the King of the King and I and went for Thomas. Luci is a women who knows what she wants.

Pudgybudgie thats for commenting!
He is a WorldPeace Keeper action figure.

Frannie, they are cute together. I hope to post more on them.