Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More on Trina

More on Trina!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that
Trina Trent is a reservist stationed at Johnston
Military Base. Here she is in the local park on her lunch.

She followed Etienne here
to be in charge of the reservist Unit.

Etienne wanted some he trusted in
this position. He talked her into it.

When she is not serving as a reservist
Trina still wears a uniform.

She is Police Chief/Commissioner of
Johnston police department (JPD). Etienne wrote her
a letter of recommendation and told the Mayor he would be
a darn fool if he didn't hire her for the position.
Let's part praise and two parts intimidation.
That's Etienne and that why he is her friend!

Policing isn't new to her. Her father was the chief of police
in the town she grew up in and

she started her military career as an MP.

This is Collin Kashiwahara and Miles Miller.
They are Trina's number 2 and 3.

Trina always loved Charlie’s Angels as a child.

Collin is also a reservist. He is a member of Trina unit. He
is also her number 1 in the unit. He is the get it done guy.

Miles is not military. He joined the force because they paid
for your college degree. He has enrolled in Johnston
University. He is majoring in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law.
He likes to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are
crossed. She likes having that end of things taken care of.
That makes everything neat and tidy if the Mayor has any

Being a reservist and Chief of police keeps Trina busy.

OK, lunch is over and it is back to work.

Until next time!


Chynadoll said...

I love it! She looks good in uniform . The guys look cool too.

Frannie said...

Trina has a very interesting background. Before being Trina what doll was she?

Cat said...

I love the backdrop you used. :) How did you accomplish such a realistic outdoors look?

Vanessa said...

Trina ain't no joke! I love the shot of all three of them. Her #1 and #2 are both really nice dolls. Like what you did with the background. In one picture you had the sign on the trash can, then it disapperaed. It was a really nice touch. Great job.