Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Twins Lisa and Keisha

The Twins!
Here is the other Laurent sibling that you have not met.

Keisha and Lisa. They are fraternal twins. Maybe it was
because there were two of them or maybe is was because
they are so vivacious but ever since they were born they
really turned up the volume and excitement in the
Laurent home. These two really love color but in
different ways.

Lisa is the oldest by two minutes! she really loves
colorful makeup. She went to school to be a
makeup artist. She is the more outgoing of the two.

Keisha is the younger of the two. She is taller and and
a little heavier. she loves wearing colorful clothing.
Sometimes little too colorful. Keisha went to secretarial
school. She is not as outgoing as her sister. She is very
honest and trusting. Lisa and the rest of their sibling are
always making sure that Keisha isn't taken advantage
of. Keisha can also be stubborn.

They are very close as most twins are. They are also
close with their brother Tre'.


Vanessa said...

Nice to meet you Lisa and Keisha. I'm losing count on the sibling count. I have to go refresh my memory.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa! The Laurent are a big rambling family with nine kids. In KiKi's culture a large family is a source of pride for women. It is often the measure of her worth. She was her mothers only child. She always wanted a big family. Terrence was the only child until his last year in high school. So, he wanted more than one child too!

Georgia Girl said...

Cool! I love how you create/characterize your families. Please take a group (family shot) pic of them all. That seems like it would be a fun pic. I love large families...probably because mine is so small. Both my parents were only children.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl. I have something special planned for them like that.