Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Clones Are Coming!

The Clones!

As we get closer to the Holidays, we are seeing more
clone dolls. Thrift Store dolls posted about them and
so did Niel's Doll Room. It can be a good thing or a bad
thing. Some clones are interesting with great clothing
or accessories and give us a chance to get a doll... or just maybe
a head or body that we want or need. Others remind us that it
is Halloween and are scary. So here are a few things I
have seen on my travels!

I saw these cars in Family Dollar. Not a bad price but dolls
sits a little high in the car. They will be taller than the
windshield. I don't know if this is true of Barbie cars and
is no big deal. So, let me know. I know it is true of putting
Barbie in other cars. Ex. Bling in Bratz car. It looks like
a two seater but the seats are small. I think that is why
one doll is pictured on the box.

I found these clones of Lalaloopsy Dolls . I had to look twice to
know that they were clones because I am not familiar with
the doll. Note doll in the middle has an "O" mouth.

True doll!

This girls are AA Barbie clones. For as much as we all complain
about some barbies bodies, almost all clones sadly have
poor body construction. I purchased a similar doll 2 years ago just
for the head and the clothing. I will show her to you in the future

Here is some of the scary! This girl is a Barbie clone who's
face was painted by someone who had a little to much to
drink or who hasn't learned to paint within the lines!

Trick or Treat! Oh yes...trick! If you needed a few
new outfits, she might work. Often too, the quality
of clone clothing is not as good as Barbie but you
don't get everything pink either. I think this was
a Jomar's doll.

This doll looks like Summer. It is the first time that
I haveseen a Summer clone but maybe one of you have see

Not the best face paint but a good likeness!

The real Summer!

Note that the legs on the clone are super slim and
I would bet you has a pancake but too!

Does this logo on the box look strangely familiar too!
I found this doll at one of the Wright stores. One of the dolls
I did purchase is the next doll.

All the boxes of these dolls were beat up! Many were open
with items removed. I found this one intact. I purchased it
for the baby! All the other boxes the babies were removed.
Ifound the only "good" one in the store. By the way,
has anyone else notice the removal of kid dolls from sets?
It seems to be happening a lot here! I'm not sure if it is
a child or adults going this.

The baby is really cute and I would have paid alot to get one
on eBay.

I will have to find the baby some clothing. The doll
is nude in the carrier.

That is it! Happy Hunting!


Miss_Lola_77 said...

Last year Big Lots had a clone set with one doll who had a bunch of clothing--and it was all nice-looking 'real' clothing, not ball gowns and such. I've kicked myself ever since for not getting it, so I'm already on clone watch for this year.

Ms. Leo said...

It was probably Kari Michelle. They do nice sets. I have a few. The pants are a little small for the newer Barbie dolls (belly button bodies) but the other items can work well. I have seen them show up at Target too! So look there.
I think this is what you are talking about!

Alrunia said...

I love those clones, they are so amusing sometimes and there's definitely neat things to be found with them :D The Summer clone is very cute.

Frannie said...

Ms. Leo, Thanks for mentioning Thrift Store Dolls. I enjoyed your article on clones. Will be on the lookout for more.

Vanessa said...

A few of those are pretty scary. I sort of stay away from clones, unless I can find some clothing for kids. I have such a hard time throwing away even the poorest body, I don't like collecting ones I know for sure I will need to dispose of.

Miss_Lola_77 said...

I bet it is! Awesome, now I actually know what name to watch for. I'm a sucker for 'real people' Barbie clothes.

Chynadoll said...

Great post! I too have been seeing lots of cloned dolls. That one with the face paint was too funny. I have never purchased a clone anything before, however I would have definately purchased the one with the baby. The accessories and baby look really cute!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks Ms. Leo. I've seen most of these items here already at Family Dollar but I have never closely examined any because they scream cheap, poorly made in China. I'll have to pay closer attention to the accessories, particularly the fashions if I ever see Kari Michelle dolls.

The baby in the set you purchased is cute.


william said...

Some of the clone dolls have some cute clothes that come with them. I usually buy them for this reason and donate the dolls to goodwill!

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Gang! I guess clone trolling is a seasonal secret obsession. It is pretty hit or miss. There aren't as many toys store as before so you rally have to look for things!

So thanks Alrunia, Frannie, Vanessa, Chynadoll, William, dbg of BDE and thanks again

Alrunia, the dress on the summer was cute and looked well made. I will consider her at half price time.

Vanessa, I agree with William. I donate the dolls in clothing I don't want. Some child may be happy to find it while mom finds other stuff at the thrift store.

Miss_Lola_77, now is the time to look for some interesting things at places you would not expect! So, keep an eye out!

Chynadoll, I really like the baby and would have purchase another if it were whole! I'd paint the hair.

Frannie, post more pictures if you find more. We would all love to see!

dbg of BDE, there use to be some nice things in Kay-Bee toys! They had a couple of off brand clothing lines. I miss them. We will all have to check Kmart to see what they might have.

William, you have the right idea! It is really hard to find men’s clothing, so when I see it, I try to get it. You might find a good shirt or jacket. Defa Lucy things aren't too bad. You see them about now too.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have picked up a clone or 2. I found one at Dollar General that's a SIS clone. She was cute so I picked her up. Clones can be a great source of accessories

Ms. Leo said...

Dollz4Moi, you have to post a picture of your clone too! We would love to see it!