Friday, October 7, 2011

More Thift Store Finds!

My Score!
I wanted to show you what I found on my latest trip to the
thrift store. I really think I did well! First the big score!
Barbie VW van.

I didn't see this at first because it was in a corner. First
rule of thrift store shopping, leave no stone unturned!

It is the second VW barbie vehicle I own. I may have to
show my vehicle some time soon.

It was $2.00. Although I might paint it. I do hope the price
will come of with the use of some solvent. My dolls may need
to ride before I get around to painting it.

I really love that it seats six! Can you say family vacation?

All in all it is not in bad shape. The seats move so I can
turn some seats backwards.

There is even a TV to watch on those long trips.

I have the passenger mirror but

the driver's mirror is missing. But that is the only
major flaw.

Next are miniatures that I can use for dioramas!

I found this chair, basket and vegetables.

I wish I had two of these but one will have to do!

You can always use a it got this too!

Theses veggie were in a bag and I know I could use them
this time of year! They can be Halloween , thanksgiving and

I just love the corn!

It is all in the basket!

I found these in the case!

I got these too! The lion and

horse! They are great items for a shelve. There were more.
I should have gotten them. What was I thinking? Oh, that I only
had $10.00.

The Dolls!

You cant leave without checking out the dolls! The blonds
I purchased for the bodies. The blond seat is already on her
new body. Her face was the same as the other blond in the
Ken outfit.

I had this head for a while looking for a body. I don't have
to have articulation legs but I must have arms. I'm calling
her Amy.

I've seen this girl on a few other blogs. She is by Remco.
She was nude and I put this Stacie dress on her. You can see
it is a little big on her. She is not as tall as the old Stacie
and she is taller than the SIS Doll Kids. She has a cute
face and that what I liked. She does have the chunkier body
of the old Stacie type dolls and her feet are the same size.
She is being called Claire.

I couldn't pass up this sweetie. I don't know who
she is. This is the outfit she came with. She is

Well I found this doll there too. If you read my blog, you
know that I'm not a fan of the oversize Desiree heads. She
had the dress and

the shoes. I just love the shoes so I got her. Her legs don't
bend...Bad Mattel, Bad, Bad! She does had free moving legs???
I don't know what they are called but they are kind you
normally see on jointed dolls. So I plan to practice leg
transplants with her.
Insert ghoulish organ music here!

This doll really need rescuing!

She is in a Ken outfit. OK! This outfit is why Mattel's menswear
is so sad. Who thought this looked good, were they paid
and why didn't they just give the money to me? You really
have to look to other manufactures for great men's clothing.
Anyway, I'm keeping the body for another doll and the head will go
into the bag of heads! Ghoulish music her too!The outfit
will go on a male to be sentto a flea market.


Dollies Series said...

Great finds. Love the van and the miniature lion and horse are too cute :)

Chynadoll said...

Wow! Great finds. Love the six seated van! Road trip is def in order lol.

Vanessa said...

Wow, you did really well! Sad part is Mattel hasn't gotten much better with their men's fashion. I have the VW van and I found it at a thrift store a few years ago. We were supposed to see it when I did the beach videos, but I started painting it, and didn't finish in time. Needless to say, it still isn't finished. Love the little accessories. Those always come in handy. I agree, the dress and shoes were worth the big head purchase. Thanks for sharing.

Frannie said...

Great finds Ms. Leo! Love the van!

Tracy India said...

WOW, great finds!! Especially the van! The last Barbie I see potential after a boil and wash, she'd make a great character. That's payday, I'm takin' it to the Thrift Stores. :)

Vita Plastica said...

Great finds! In my attempt to save money next year, I really have to hit up the thrift stores. You never know what treasures you will find.

james said...

love your finds and I agree about the mens clothes. I bought a Twilight Edward doll at Tuesday Morning just to get the cool Jacket and shirt..jeans..etc for my Johnny Depp doll. I have another male doll a macho looking World Peace Keeper doll that I really like that needs a jacket..I am thinking of buying another Edward doll..they have them at Big Lots for 12.00..also have Bella.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your finds! Six-seater Barbie vehicle, hmmm. Now that's a nice vehicle.

Alrunia said...

Love the van, what a cool find :D

"Who thought this looked good, were they paid and why didn't they just give the money to me" YES! You are so right, a lot of the Ken outfits are.. misguided to say at the least.
Amy is very cute. Congrats on the awesome haul!

limbe dolls said...

Great haul. Claire is a real sweetie.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Great finds. Try rubbing alcohol to remove the price on the Barbie van. Love that little Remco girl.

Even though I need to continue to focus on selling my dolls, you've made me want to visit my local thrift store... maybe Monday. I'm sure they will have some special sales going on for Columbus Day.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Gang! I'm glad you enjoyed my outing.

dbg of BDE, I will give the alcohol a try first. I like the remco doll too. There is something about her face. The thrift store is the budget doll collect's best friend.

limbe dolls, I like Claire too. I think I first saw and fell in love with a doll like this on your blog.

D7ana, having six seat is such a plus. You can fit the average family in it.

James, welcome and thanks for commenting! Yeah, the clothes on Twilight Edward is pretty cool. They seem to only do that for movie dolls. It would have been nice it Jacob had come with a shirt. Even if it wasn't on.

Vita Plastica, thrift stores are a great way to add bacis into your collection with out breaking the bank. It can be hit or miss.

Tracy, find out all the thrift stores in your area. Then pay them a visit. The last doll does need a little work. She is happy right now because I took her out of that Ken outfit.

Frannie, the van is a score! I am just waiting for the change to go thrift store shopping with you and Chynadolls! Lol!

Vanessa, does your van have the seatbelts? If so, what are they made of and what color are they? Do you have a date on this item? BTW Dominique took the shoes and the dress. She such a fashion hog!

Chynadoll, I am going to have to work that van into a story. I can't just let is sit like so many other things.

Dollies Series, it is those little extra things that give a photo a really punch but you know that... I've seen your blog. You know just what to put where!

Vanessa said...

Ms. Leo, Vita Plasica gave you a link on DD with info on the blue van. I am assuming they came out the same year.

william said...

Love your finds! Now that Brody has a family i need to get him a family car instead of the sports car he has. I too have the little glass animals and havent use them in any shots yet. i am still buisy building apartments for my main characters and fast tear down sets for others so they might just pop up somewhere!