Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Moring of Mixing and Matching!

This morning I spent de-boxing and mixing and matching.
so let me show you a little of what I did. You remember
this guy. Well I found him some hands.

They are not the best match but they are much better than
the black gloves. I'm calling him Victor. I haven't got a bio
or story for him so he won't be in characters yet.

He says hi!

Next is Trichelle! You remember her too don't you?

Well parts went everywhere! Her body went to AA Diva
Barbie. I love her face and want to add her as a character.

Her name is Sierra. I will be posting her bio this week
so stay tuned!

Sierra has a younger sister and her name is Sienna.

Francie has Trichelle's jacket! It looks so cute on her. She will
be receiving her story and her family too very soon.

I found this doll in a thrift store.She is by
Kodansha (the writing on the back of dolls is getting smaller
and smaller :)) and I have seen her sold in Kmart. I didn't
like her body and she is now on a HSM body. Can you
guess which one?

She is Aya's little sister Annie!

I tried Trichelles head on the same HSM doll. This one
has a slightly darker skin tone. The head works but the
makeup is a little to extreme for a teen. Should she stay
with a makeup change? Should she be left the way she is
with a story explaining the makeup? I take votes on
that too!

Finally, you remember Brenda as a child. Well it took some
head swapping to get her. Remember in the picture she was
bigger than Steven but smaller than Maya.

Here is the final swap! I had a mermaid Kelly who's hair turns
pink in hot water. You know I didn't need that but I liked and
need the body. I also received a AA Ballerina Barbie and Kelly
from Dollz4Moi. Thanks!!!

I like the head of the Kelly but not the feet.
So the Mermaid Kelly head is now of the ballerina body.
I purchase a SIS Kianna. Her head is on the mermaid Kelly's
body. The AA smug face Kelly body and the ballerina head
are together as young Brenda! Wow! you can't tell
the players without a score card or should I say picture. BTW
Grown up Brenda has the AA ballerina body. I just love her
hands and arms. I am planning a leg transplant on her. Stay
tuned for that too!


limbe dolls said...

You've been busy! Interesting swaps.

james said...

I really like handsome! so masculine looking. Is he one that you got from Big Lots? My Big Lots just got the World Peacekeeper dolls in..I may get another before they sell out.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls. The easies customizing is head swapping!

Thanks James! Yes he is! Did your Big Lots get in a variety of figures or just a few? It seems like many got only a few.

Sirenita The Selkie said...

Hi there! What is the Sierra's original name? I love her hair!

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Sirenita The Selkie. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. She is princess Rayla.