Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The International Black Doll Show In Philly

Well, I went to the Phila. Black Doll show. You know the one.
You may have read about on D7ana's site--
Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action FiguresWell I purchased a few things I wanted to show you.
D7ana had mentioned that Ms. Hayes would be there, so I
did go looking to see what she might have.

So here she is and here are two pictures of some of her stuff.
I'm sure if I'd given her time, she would have smiled but she
is a very nice women!

This is after my purchase of dolls so they are not on the table
but someone's doll is (smile).

I got there early, just before they opened but not early
enough! I saw a woman there who spent a pretty penny on
Barbie items. Mind you, 90% of the dolls there were
handmade dolls and not fashion dolls. I meet to very nice
vendors that I hope to keep in contact with.

My first purchase! AA Aviator Barbie

I loved her hair cut and her orange scarf. The fact that she
has an articulation body doesn't hurt!

This is one of my favorite faces and I think I have the most
of this head mold in my collection.

My second purchase!Diva Collection

I only have one other Mackie face in my collection, so she
was a must. I feel Ms Hayes' prices were good and I love
what I purchased.

This lady was the first out of the box!

I will do a more elaborate shoot of them both later.
I purchase some clothing too! When purchasing clothing this
days, it is always a crap shot. So many doll bodies and so
many manufacturers. I was lucky! Or should I say
Camille was lucky! She is a happy family Grandma an is
larger that almost all Barbies except for Rosie O'Donnell
who I have not posted...hmmm....any way she got some
cut things in time for the vacation season in St. Malcolm.

A great business look! I don't take enough pictures of
Camille. She is very photogenic.

No Island women would be caught without a nautical print
dress. It is the go to look here!

Camille's granddaughter, Brenda, jumped in for a photo in this
dress! Very lovely...breezy.

All it needed was a purse!

For the cool nights and the end of the season this dress will
do the trick for a night out!

For just strolling the beach at night, this sweater will work!

OK, so that is it! Oh, except for.....


limbe dolls said...

I love the AA Aviator Barbie and the cool clothes you got for Camille, especially the green sweater.

Vanessa said...

Enjoyed seeing all of your purchases. Love the Diva Collection doll. Grandma made out like a bandit! I have just about every AA Military Barbie that was available; Aviator, Naval, Air Force, Marine, and Army. I think that is it. I have not deboxed them and I have considered selling them as a set. That is one set of dolls that I may keep boxed forever. They are such an awesome bunch.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks limbe dolls. I don't know how long the aviator head will stay on that body. I do have a story in mind for herl

Thanks Vanessa. There is something about the Diva! She really called to me. Yeah, grandma need some new things to keep her stylish. Grandmas are stylish these days. You know I can just have dolls in a box. I have to be able to play with them. I think I have ten dolls in boxes. You are a better person than me for keeping them in the box.

Vanessa said...

Most of the dolls I have in the boxes are because I enjoy seeing them. Once I debox a doll, I may not see that doll for a while, because they are no longer on a shelf on display. If I have a need for the outfit or the doll as a character, she/he gets deboxed immediately. But to debox and then have to find room in the "Play Doll" area, which is overflowing, just doean't make sense. The only reason I haven't deboxed the Military women is because it is probably the only actual set that I have. I also don't have a need for anymore of those face molds. My play area runneth over with that same face. If I ever have a storyline with Military women, it's on! Let the deboxing begin.

lil peaches said...

Ms Leo, Thank you for doing such an indepth review of my Black Doll Show offerings. I try to offer great and elusive Black dolls at an affordable price because I remember how I felt at my first Doll Show as a newby collector. Nothing can replace the feeling I get when a fellow collector finds that very special doll or clothes, etc.. on my table. Camille looks wonderful in those clothes...thanks for making my heart smile....