Monday, February 15, 2010

The Eyes Have It!

The most under used face mold for a Barbie, I think it
has only been used once, and the most stunning face
is the 1991 Sleeping Beauty. The doll was done in both a
white and a black version. I have the AA Sleeping Beauty.
I didn't buy her new in the box. She was a thrift store find!

Her face has a very Serene self confident smile. Her eye
aren't the hypnotizing eye you see on some dolls. They
mirror the self confidence and serenity of her smile. There
is a blue undertone to the pupil of her brown eyes. I
dressed her in this blue dress to bring that out. Her
eyelid have a blueish look to them also.

She has a switch on her back that allow you to close her
eyes when her arm is moved up or down to make her
look as if she were sleeping.

Her body is the same as other 1966 dolls except for the
switch. You can not tell from my photos but her hair is
a really pretty blend of black and brown strands. It is
not chucks but a real blend. It gives her hair a really
nice appearance. Here is her close up!


D7ana said...

Interesting doll, Ms. Leo! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have thought an inset eyed doll could look so attractive. Anyone remember the winking eyed Western Barbie? Shudder. But this doll is pretty.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana! I don't remember the winking eyed Western Barbie. Is she on your blog?

aneky43251 said...

I really hope to find her one day. she has such a lovely face.