Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Little Scoop on Justin Beiber!

As I was “Comparin’ Aaron”, I thought I should show you my Beibers too! I saw one comparison on flickr. It was not complete but I think it is worth looking at. I only have two Beibers. There are about 6 (maybe more) head sculpts out there. Three have molded hair/ no smile, two with molded hair (regular and short cut) that have an open mouth smile and two with “real hair” and one of them has an open mouth smile. The real hair doll is a better reflection of the short hair cut Beiber got. BTW, that cut cost the toy company about 100,000.00! So the toy manufacturer isn’t smiling even it the doll now is! Anyway, none of mine has the smile! I have #2 and #3.

I was told by Muff of Hey it is Muff that there are different bodies too. So right now I have two of the bodies. One(#2) I purchase from Muff

and one(#3) with the real hair, Leo-Sydney's brother, I purchase from TRU.

The headsculpt has changed a great deal! I'm calling the old headsculpt Hunter.  He looks like a Hunter to me!

So here is what their torso looks like out of the shirts! The one with the hair is the newer body and it is a little more streamlined at the waist.

Here is a shot of the different necks to the dolls.

The one with the hair has what you might call a pivotal neck. The other has a side to side turntable head. Unfortunately, the one with the pivotal neck can only look down a little bit but not up really at all. So to me, that is not a change for the better!

Ryan from my Sydney Tryout post is also on this same older Beiber body.

He is a Hannah Montana Travis doll from the Hannah and Travis gift set .

Here he is with the Beibers.

Here is Aaron and Warren.

Here they all are together.

As I said in the Aaron post, Beiber items are selling well. I think some of it is the popularity of Justin as a person and the other is the entire doll world fed up with Mattel fashions! Muff posted back in 2011 of her Justin Bieber’s Carnage. Boxes and bodies tossed for clothing! The Bieber’s fashions are more real! I hope to scoop up some of his outfits for the males around here. Only TRU in my area seems to have the outfits sets! They are the cheapest for the dolls too!

His new outfits for next year are said to be great too if the 2012 Toy Show is a guage! I guess I’ll try to have some money ready for them!  I guess I'll just have to sew somethings for now.

Thanks For Looking!


Georgia Girl said...

Nice review. I wasn't aware that there were so many different Beiber dolls. I really like his fashions.

Sergio said...

You have a teenage dream there

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: in my country all the teenagers are in love with Justin. A month ago he was in Madrid was crazy. Thousands of fans behind Justin. You're right that Justin's clothing is very real and beautiful. Watching your dolls I now want to buy some form of Justin. Keep in touch.

Vanessa said...

I have a Bieber doll. I don't think it's either one of those. He does have hair though. He is waiting for school to open, along with the other teenagers. He does have very nice clothes. I like your variety of boy teens.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl, Sergio, Marta, and Vanessa!

Georgia Girl, His fashions don't have that pink/non masculine look of many Barbie fashions and are made well too. They are youthful and there aren't any really dressy things like a shirt and tie. I love the fabic of them.

Sergio, They both are real cuties!

Marta, They had a Justin Beiber cut-out at the mall and all the young girls were standing around it getting their pictures taken and squealing! He is a big hit her too!

Vanessa, Is he smiling and are you going to name him Justin? I have a few teen dolls which is I guess way I started some teen stories.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this information about the Justin Bieber dolls. I love his clothes, too. Do you find that his things fit the Mattel High School Musical male dolls or Aaron Carter dolls?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Muff said...

I finally have some of the JB's with hair. One was in a regular doll pack, no smile and the other was in a concert playset, with smile. That smile is more of a grimace really. They both have the "pivotal" neck. I have not unboxed them though, so I don't know if the neck range is looser. I wonder if the smiling one with hair only comes in the playsets??

Your My Scene Trade is still waiting to have her head shrunk, but I may rethink doing that and leave her as is.

My other Bieber's said to tell yours they are glad he made it out of the spare parts box.