Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hard Work And Reward!

Hey Guys,

I’ve just finish with my biggest garden related project of the year yesterday, the Northwest Gardening Association’s Annual Plant Swap! The Swap is a great way for us plant lovers to get new plants without having to pay for them. Each person brings plants (or garden related items) that they would like to swap. They get a ticket and for each item and use those tickets to check out after swapping. You bring 10 you get 10. We also receive donations from local nurseries to pump up the stock of plants. There is normally refreshments, door prizes and raffles too!
The Swap will be ten years old next year! I started it under another organization I belonged to and have moved it to NWGA which I founded. NWGA is three years old, and I am the president of the organization. I hope to do something big for the tenth anniversary of the Swap! I just don’t know what right now. In planting for next year and the upcoming workshops, I hope to start a gardening blog for the organization next week to go along with the tenth year. It will be a place where I will post gardening pictures, info and upcoming events! I will post here and give you a link to the new blog when it is up.

I was there setting up for the Swap that started at 10:00am at 7:00am and I left at 3:00 after clean up after the Swap which ended at 1:00. It was a very long day! I should have went straight home…But no! I was right across from Kohl’s and thought I‘d check to see if maybe he was there! Wow he was there and he is the last one!

They wanted way to much for him!: ( Then I saw the sign that said 20% off. Well, that is a little better. So I got him!

Fashionista Ryan!

My reward for working so hard!

Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

Ms. Leo do you garden for food or is it just flowers.. or both?! I was raised in the country so we had a pretty big garden full of veges, flowers, fruits and I had my own strawberry patch to tend to. Man, it was hard work! When I became an adult and moved to the city I had room for a small garden but I was like, "Bump this! I'm going to da sto'!" But I will say that watering the garden was the most relaxing time ever.

Congrats on getting Ryan! I still have not seen him anywhere in my town.

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Ms Leo, I look so forward to the link to your gardening blog. Great that you were able to get Ryan! He has not shown up in my area yet.

Happy Sunday to you!

Dukasha said...

Ryan is a handsome guy, but it's a pity his legs are not bendable. Really, I can't understand Mattel, they always do something strange with the articulation.

limbe dolls said...

Congratulations on your successful gardening event! Maybe I will be inspired to get back into it. Ryan has a neat outfit.

Vanessa said...

I'm glad to hear you will be starting a gardening blog. That will be fun to see. Congrats on Ryan. He is awfully cute, but the day I have to rebody Fashionista bodies, is the day I say, no, thanks. Mattel needs a swift kick.

Mark said...

I have it! Very nice Ken. :)
I like this shirt.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, Georgia Girl, Dukasha, limbe dolls, Vanessa and Mark! I have just open him and was suprised to see that he is a new head sculpt! The other Fashionistas are 2009 and he is 2011! I heard a lot about his legs but I didn't hear that.

Muff, Gardening is my first love! I do both I have a flower garden at a community garden and I have a veggie garden at a different community garden. I plant a wheelchair garden for a rehab center, I'm a Merit Badge councilor for scouts on garden and I give lectures on gardening in the community and for organizations. I belong to several growing societies like the Del/Val Begonia Society, Gesneriad Society, Indoor Gardening Society, Philly Cactus & Succulent Society and several more societies. I am also a plant judge. I have a greenhouse that I maintain my plants in exchange for lectures. The blog for that should have been before the doll blog but…such is life.

Georgia Girl, I would love to have you guys contribute on the gardening blog! It would be nice to have interaction!

Dukasha and Vanessa, It is a shame that Mattel does this type of thing! I thought the selling point on Fashionistas was movement. I healy wanted he when I saw him in person so I just got him. I focus more on my dio maybe I won't see any more dolls I want!

limbe dolls, I heard the other day that the dry weather is expected to make food prices go up. I think no matter how much space we have, we all need to plant a few things. So make you should get back to gardening. My mind is clear when I garden and I get great ideas when I garden.

Mark, Welcome! The clothing is very nice but I do think Mattel can do more! They could do more dressy things and more casual dressy things and some coats! He is a Fashionista! Where are the Killer fashions! He should look like GQ magizine.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Congratulations to buy Ryan. I also am going to buy. Glad you can expand your collection of plants and flowers. I look forward to your new gardening blog. I love plants but not too near me because I have allergies to all kinds of plants and flowers ... Keep in touch.

Sergio said...

Everybody of you guys have this Ryan but me :(

Mustiwait said...

He is cute I will have to get him when he comes to my area.

Carrickters said...

Yay, a gardening blog as well, that would be fun. Of course, your seasons would be all topsy-turvy to mine but gardeners are always interested in what other gardeners are doing.
Congratulations on Ryan. I bought him too because I liked the different face sculpt and didn't realise his legs weren't bendable. And as he's wearing long trousers you can't see the non-existent leg joint. The box says 'Fashionista' and you tend to assume that means articulated. However, I'll just do more research in future.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Marta, Sergio, Mustiwait and Carrickters!

Marta, Sergio and Mustiwait, I hope you are able to get him. He is a great new doll.

Carrickters, It is to bad that the didn't give him bendable legs! I had to put hime on an old fashionista body.

Gang, I will invite you all to the new blog!