Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The other day I was changing a few posts on my blog that went a little wonky when I changed the format of my blog.  As I was looking through old post and I came across the

It is one of my favorite posts that I have done. I loved seeing KiKi dance! Articulation of the SIS Cara body that I used for KiKi makes for a good photo! Yes Mattel that is why dolls need to be articulated and it is why we need more articulated bodies in more complexions.

I also thought about Vanessa’s new dance studio in Morristown too. No doubt we will see some great dancing with the articulated dolls that she has there too.

I have seen a few photos on Flickr of dolls dancing and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photos of dolls dancing on Flickr.

One of the first I remember seeing was this post from Alrunia of Trichelle on a Liv body!  I wasn’t into Liv bodies then (Have times changed!) but I like these shot of her in movement.

Next is Madicix  and the Dolls Dance Academy. You will notice that there are two dance studios alone with a doll waiting area.

Dia 777 did this shot of her dance troop. I'm not to big on the many versions of the Desiree/ Artsy head sculpt but there is something about the tilt of her head in this shot that I like.  Here is one of the boys too!

The cute factor is show here with Zahara in this blue outfit by tru_fashionista
I am a big fan of the Tango head sculpt( I only have one) and I love her in this photo of her instructing.
I really love this “stomp the yard style” shot done by aneky43251called Breakin’ It Down!  She has some awesome photos and action shots in her photostream

Last but not least is this dance troop. I found this Westside workshop beautiful and funny at the same time!

OK that's my rant!

Thanks For Looking!


Carrickters said...

What great pictures of dolls dancing. I also like seeing Kiki dancing in the dance of Rouba

Sergio said...

I love seeing Kiki dance too! She's so graceful

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations for this picture of dance. The doll wears a beautiful clothes. His movements are very professional. A great job. Thanks for the addresses of other blogs. I'll look . Photo of Day 777 is also very real. The dolls dance coordinated ... The photo of Tru photo fashionista with Shelly's adorable.. thanks for sharing. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing these dance shots!

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for sharing all these neat dance pictures. Westside Workshop reminds me of some of the weird Modern Dance pieces I was in.

Vanessa said...

Great post, Ms. Leo! That was one of my favorite pictures on your blog, too. The lighting was superb. Thanks for referencing my dance studio. I'm anxious to get the Disney articulated Tiana body because it looks like it could be a great dancer body, similar to the LIV bodies. (Fingers crossed) Loved seeing all the links. There were some great pictures there.

Muff said...

And thanks for posting! If they have a group for dolls with blue hair then stands to reason there should be a group for dolls dancing.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks guys for the comments!I thought you would love to see what other dancing was out there!

Carrickter, Sergio, Marta, and Vanessa, that shoot of KiKi was like magic in a bottle! One minute I was just trying clothing on her and the next minute she looked like one of the women you see dancing in the islands. It was really like KiKi lead that photo shoot! Like she was really dancing...and graceful. It came together on its own and and soo easy! I haven't been able to do anything I thought was that good since! Sigh! I will have to really work to make shots that good again!

D7ana, I can't wait to see more action shots from your crew!

limbe dolls, I can relate to the weird Modern Dance pieces. Me too! That is exactly what I thought when I saw it!

Muff, Seeing the dolls dancing gave me ideas for posing my dolls. I want to add some of those movements into my photos!

Vanessa I agree about the Tiana body. I am hoping to score one this week.