Monday, July 9, 2012

More On The Audition!

While Sydney was waiting for her audition to start(check out her waiting video here), she played with the Etch-A-Sketch, a woman walked over.

Tina: Hi, is this where the auditions are to being held?

Sydney: Yes! Are you here to audition? Tina: Yes! Hi, I’m Tina. Are you auditioning too? Sydney: Yes, I’m Sydney!

Sydney is still unsure when to do the whole handshake thing and how to do it!

Sydney thought that everyone who would audition would be her age or maybe college age. She didn’t think a woman Tina’s age would be here.

Sydney: What are you planning to do for you audition?

Tina: I’m a jazz singer! Sydney: How long have you been doing that?

Tina: I’ve been singing since I was a child but I’ve been singing mostly jazz for about six years. I sing with a group in Philly and a group in NYC.

Sydney was a little taken back. This woman was a professional and she was auditioning here. The competition might be more that she imagined.

Sydney asked carefully so not to offend. Sydney: So you are a professional and you are auditioning here? Tina smiled. Tina: Yeah the business is not as easy as winning American Idol! It is nice to not have to travel to a gig! Tina could see that she had some questions. She saw the guitar by the table.

Tina: So you play the guitar? Sydney: Yes, I’ve been playing for three years. Tina: I am just learning to play the piano so that I can write my own songs. Sydney had not thought about writing her own songs.

Sydney: I am thinking about entertaining as a career, do you have any suggestions? Tina thought about her answer. Tina: Well, I’m guessing you are in high school; I would say stay in school and learn as much as you can. While you are in high school, all of your education is free. After high school you’ll have to pay to learn things. People might try to take advantage of you. The more you know the better prepared you are. Also, you have to have your wits about you. Musically, expose you self to all kinds of music. I sing jazz but I have studied classical voice, gospel, R&B and rock. Try new things and collaborate with others. All that will help make you more rounded as a performer.
Sydney now wanted to hear Tina sing. Just then a guy came up. Is this where the auditions are held?

They both said yes in unison. Tre’: Hey, I’m Tre’. Sydney! Tina! Tre’ thought he would put the moves on them later. Right now, he needed to find Khaleel. He took out his cell phone and began to dial.

Sydney and Tina returned to their conversation.

Sydney: Do you find it hard to survive as a singer? Tina: I do OK! I don’t have a record deal or anything yet. I do a lot of voice over work, some back up singing and studio work. I’m not living on the street or anything but I do watch my money!

Deena:  Hello, who is here for the aaudition?

Well, it look like things are going to get on their way! Will Sydney make the cut?  What will Tre' be doing? Is Tina too big a fish for this little pond? Come back and see!

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Muff said...

Ms. Leo are you in the entertainment business because that was some informative and concise advise for Sydney.

I was totally involved in Sydney and Tina's conversation when I got sidetracked by Tre' and his thoughts of putting the moves on them later, lol!!!

You always keep it interesting. Thank you!

Frannie said...

Story reminds me of the episode of the TV Show Fresh Prince of Belair, where Vivian is turning 40 and has always dreamed of becoming a dancer.
She practiced for weeks. And was chosen for the group (A Lot of younger ladies). But didn't take the gig. She just wanted to know if she could still do it at her age.

limbe dolls said...

Very interesting characters. I can't wait to see who makes the cut!

Sergio said...

I loved this photostory! Can't wait to see the next episode :)

Mustiwait said...

Nice, Im glad Tina was wlling to talk to Sydney about being an entertainer receiving advice from someone already in the business is very educational.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, Frannie, limbe dolls, Sergio and Mustiwait!

Muff, Ms. Leo is the science geek that hangs out with all the artsy folks! Then and now. LOL! I have a few friends like Tina and I see Sydney types in their circle of events.

Tre' is just a mess! His Laurent gene hasn't kicked in yet! His sibling always want to slap him in the back of the head! He will keep it interesting.

Frannie, I have never seen that episode! I going to have to find it! Tina isn't 40; she is around 30but still trying to make her way.

limbe dolls and Sergio, Let's see who makes the cut!

Mustiwait, I agree, receiving advice from someone already in the business is very educational! In a world full of people who think keeping you down makes me rise up, it is nice to meet someone who will give you the scoop! Those moment happen far too rare. Yeah for Tina.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: wow wow ... the Etch-A-Sketch. When I was a little girl I had that game to make drawings ... You have a treasure! .. I love the picture of Sydney and Tina when they shake hands. What intrigued so many people to make the hearing. I see that there is much competition ... I look forward to more ... Great work and very real. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Marta, Here is my email. Email me and I'll send you one for your dolls to play with. Keep in touch to see what happens. I keep in touch with you too.