Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marisa Head Sculpt And Trichelle

Hi All!

The last time I showed my Marisa doll, I had her on a Fashion Fever Wave
2 body(short torso). Since then, I have moved her to her new permanent body.

Here she is on her new body!  Wolf whistles in the background.  (That Liv
swim suit get much use around here.)  She even has a name now and a story! 
She is Jillian Johnson.  She is Etienne's baby sister.  Etienne has a sister older
that Jillian, Babette. Jillian will be coming to live with Etienne and
Renee' shortly!  It seems that everyone go to the beach before coming to

Her body is from Fashionista summer.  Here Jillian holds her head!  Yes,
that right Summer's head is in the head box waiting to be sold! Like I said
in my last post, I have a lot of this head scuplt.

I have her here pictured with Trichelle!  I put Trichelle's head onto a
HSM body.  Notice that they are not the same complexion.  Marisa head is
more tan than the olive of Trichelle.  The make-up is lighter too! If you know
me you know I am not a fan of the sideward glancing eyes.  I love the fact that
they didn't do that with Marisa.  I do think that Trichelle has a better hair color
and texture....luxurious!

Here is another Tichelle head.  This Trichelle has plum chunck in her hair.  I like
the hair color of the first one better but I like the lip color better on the second one. 
I don't know if you can tell but the second head has a lighter color lip.

Thanks For Watching!


Heather said...

She looks great on the new body!!

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Ms Leo, thanks for the info. I need to rebody mine. Jillian is a pretty name and is very fitting.

MissSpottyJane said...

She looks good, especially in that swimsuit. I also have that same Summer head in my sales box.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I see you have several heads Tichelle head. I love Marisa's face. She looks great on the new body. I have the same Summer and kept his head and put in your body to anotherfashionista Barbie. I love Marisa's bikini. It is very nice. Some great pictures ofbeach ... in Spain it is raining these days. Keep in touch

Sergio said...

She's gorgeous!! Trichelle is my favourite SIS :)

Vanessa said...

I love the name you gave her. Great color match for her. With all those extra heads you have, you should try your hand at repainting eyes and lips. Darker lips are harder to repaint than the really light pink lips. Darker lips require paint removal, but the pink lips can just be painted over and sealed.

Muff said...

One of my Trichelles is lighter than the other too. I'm waiting for Marisa to be $9.00. She doesn't move me the way some of the other dolls do. Good to know that Summer Fashionista will be a good match for her.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Heather, Geogia Girl, MissSpottyJane, Marta, Sergio, Vanessa and Muff!

Heather, I think she look good too!

Georgia Girl, you are welcome. Us doll people have to share info. When I heard the name, it clicked.

MissSpottyJane, I really like her on that body it has a young feel. The suit is Liv. Of the dolls that you can find in stores, Liv has the best clothing. Star Dolls are good too but only some things.

Hello Marta! It is rainy here too but the sun is always shining in doll world!

Sergio, you are the first to claim Trichelle as the favorite! It is good to find someone who feels that way.

Vanessa, Thanks for the info. I might keep one and try to repaint. The other will go on sale. BTW-- Her friends call her JJ.

Muff, Trichelle got darker with each release. The first was the lightest! I like her better now than I did seeing her in the store. That dark jumpsuit is too dark for her. It does nothing for her. I really like picture Tracy has on her blog!