Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xia'-From Punk to Parisian !

After seeing Vanessa post of a male sweater and a hat on
Fashion Dolls at Van’s Doll Treasures I tried my hand
at the hat.

I made it a little small. I will probably do it again a bit larger.
The combination of this hat and this top from the dollar store
takes Xia’ in a new direction. She has gone from Xia’
street punk/graffiti artist to Xia’ art student with Parisian style.



Vanessa said...

She looks awesome! Great job. You took her to a whole new level. Definitely Parisian.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you had left the Parisian style very well. We follow in contact of blog blog

Frannie said...

Love Xia's transformation to Art Student!

Georgia Girl said...

Great job Ms Leo, she looks totally different.

Hey, It's Muff said...

Oh, hohn, hohn (that's my french accent). She look quite ready April in Paris.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Marta, Frannie Georgia Girl and Hey, It's Muff!

Vanessa, thanks for your post! This hat will be the first of many.
I purchase that top with her in mind but didn't have that look in mind. When I put the top on her she said that she need the hat and the scarf to make it work. I wasn't even sure I had the scarf. Your mind play accessory tricks on you. She insisted it was there and I found it!

Marta, thanks! I'm glad you like it. We follow in contact of blog blog

Frannie, I'm glad you like it. I haven't wrote Xia's bio yet but it is that she is an art student.

Thanks, Hey, It's Muff. I could here the acordion and smell the strong coffee as I photographed her.

Georgia Girl, She had an Audrey Hepburn kinda feel in this outfit.

limbe dolls said...

Tres chic!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, limbe dolls!