Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Faces Of Lea!--Edited Post OOPS! I forgot one!

Oops! I forgot a Doll! So I'm editing my post and placing her
picture at the top!

This is Akira!

She and her husband Hiroshi Takada own the local Asian
restaurant The Pacific Rim. Their daughter Mari attends the
high school.

Original post.
I think that Lea is one of the most beautiful Asian
doll faces that Mattel has done. There have been other
doll's whose faces were made Asian but Lea and Kira
the two Asian face molds.

I have a few dolls with the Lea face mold in my collection.
Bling was not the first. My first was this doll!

I call her Thuy (twee) and she is Jin's "Bling" older sister.

She is more traditional than Bling and more serious than her
sister. She has a more demure look to her than Bling.

As the big sister, see must look out for Bling which is not an
easy job.

You met their cousin Ing. She is half Vietnamese and French.

She and her cousins are close.

She finds the differences between Thuy and Bling amusing.
Ing is not as traditional as Thuy but not as Americanized
as Bling.

You met Tia Holmes.

She is newly married to Matt Holmes who is a Captain
in the Air Force stationed here in Johnston.

She is a Flight Attendant and travels from Europe to the US
regularly. That is how she met Matt while on a layover in
an airport.

This is Tia's sister Sonya. She move here from the
Philippines to be with her sister. She worked in an
insurance company there and hopes to work for one

Thuy and Bling!

Ing, Thuy and Bling.

Sonya and Tia!

Sonya and Tia are different too. Tia has see the world.
Sonya has been a local girl.


Cat said...

So many pretty Leas in one place!! :) Most of my collection consists of a lot of Lea, Kayla, and Goddess face molds. :D

Georgia Girl said...

I love the Asian face molds. Lea and Kira are some of my favorites to collect.

Tracy India said...

Bling is so gorgeous! I love your collection of Lea faces. I gave Maya (Cali girl Lea) to my daughter because we weren't clicking. She is pretty though.

Lovely family. :)

limbe dolls said...

Thuy is my favorite. Thanks for showing all these lovely faces.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Cat, Georgia Girl, Tracy India and Limbe dolls.

Cat, I have one Goddess that is Asian. Which face mold is the Kayla? I'm not familar with it. Is it the Mbili?

Georgia Girl, I like Kira too. I saw a picture of her on flickr that I love!

Tracy India, yeah I notice I haven't seen her lately. I thought she was getting a makeover. I'm a little sad for Maya.

limbe dolls, Thuy was my first favorite. She is named after a women I worked with who also had long hair.

Vanessa said...

They are all beautiful. Akira is gorgeous! They usually say Kayla/Lea mold, so I think it is the same.

I'm not sure Thuy is the Lea mold. She may be the Angel/Goddess mold.
Check out the Princess of China doll here.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa for the clearification! Kayla/Lea Hey.
Thuy is the Kayla/Lea head mold. She is like the second or third issue of her. She had the crazy dotted long dress with the cut outs at the waist and the plastic demium cut jacket! I think I still have the dress.

Cat said...

None of the ones you have pictured are a goddess face mold. I just like goddess face molds. LOL Sorry to confuse everyone. Me and my big mouth. :)

D7ana said...

I think your Thuy might have been the Amazing Nails Lea.

Thanks for sharing your lovely Lea and Angel/Goddess dolls.

Ms. Leo said...

Cat, we are all typing in our mind. What comes out on the web is often different that what is in our mind. No worries! I like the goddess too!

D7ana, you are right! That is her!

My Asian goddess/angel face doll is Kieu (pronounced "Q") . She need to come out to play more.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: we give the welcome to Akira. She is precious.I love the asian face molds. I have a models. I have an Asian doll of the basic collection.We keep in touch blog to blog

Cindy's Dollz said...

I think the Lea Head Mold is now my very favorite!

Yours are Beautiful!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, Marta. I hope to see more of your dolls on your blog! We keep in touch blog to blog!