Monday, December 26, 2011

Dolls for Christmas!

Hi All,
I just want to share with you two dolls I received for Christmas.
Arctic Barbie and AA Birthday Wishes Barbie! I received them form
my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. I was very happy!

Here they are together.

The Birthday Wishes Barbie I don't remember seeing. I was
told she came out in 1997? She has a beautiful pink gown. She
has the Asha head mold.

Very sweet face!

Arctic Barbie who came out in 1981 from what I read
online. The box says her people are call the Inuits and live
in Canada and Alaska. I like the fact the that didn't call her
"Eskimo" Barbie. I had learned as a youth that the term
"Eskimo" means "eaters of raw meat". It came about by ask
the people to the south of them what do you call those people
up there. "Oh, we call them the raw meat eaters." It is like asking
neighbors what they call each other. "Oh, they are called never
mows their lawn, or puts the trash out too early, or parks in
other peoples spot. I strongly believe in defining yourself and not
letting others define you. (getting of soap box now)

I had this doll on my wish list. I really want to
debox her. You know I am not really one for keeping
a doll in the box. She really has a nice face. I have two
other Kira face mold doll but they are not as nice as she
is. Maybe I buy another to keep in the box.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Both are very lovely! So sweet of your family to gift you with the type of doll you collect and one that has been wish listed for a while. I received one of those, too (a wish listed doll). Will share as soon as photos are taken.


D7ana said...

Congratulations on getting her!

Tracy India said...

Wow, awesome gifts! I especially love the Kira, very pretty. :)

Georgia Girl said...

Very pretty dolls. Kira are my second fav to collect. She is a part of the Doll of the World collection. I received the other one for my birthday one year. Very nice of your family to give you dolls as gifts. My niece that I pictured in my blog (Part 2 of Welcome) gave me money for Christmas. Whenever she gifts me with money, she always adds a disclaimer "no dolls Vickey". So lucky you!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your two dolls for Christmas: Arctic Barbie and AA Birthday Barbie are very pretty. I also received some Barbies and complements. I am happy. I do not hold long time in removing them from the box and dressing them and to comb them again. I do not hold them in the box. You removed in the end it from the box? We follow in contact of blog blog