Monday, December 19, 2011

This Week In Projects!

This Week!
Well, after purchasing my Stardoll-Fallen Angel known as
Xia', I realized that I didn't have any great dolly purchase left
for the rest of this year. ( yeah, I now it is the 19th of Dec.)
I can now concentrate on dolly projects, of which there
are many.

First up!

Miss Dominique is quite miffed with me.

She feels as one of the star characters of this blog, she has
not been getting her just do! She she demanded
certain things be taken care of to make her feel more
comfortable and respected in her position on my blog.

First, she needed a living space. Her character can be more
developed If she had a home and a place to entertain! She picked
out a few things she wanted and asked me to expand on them.

This sofa for one. She said she would also like chairs to go along
with it. I told her I have never done chairs but she insisted.

She wants this fireplace and window worked into the decor
of her new home.

She also wanted this as her wardrobe.

It is very nice and has just been sitting around not being used.
I Thought that the scale was too large but she said it just needed
mirrors. She would also like a Queen size bed with a duvet cover,
a matching dresser and a settee. She informed me she is keeping
the Stardoll dress. Her projects may take more than a week!

Next, I also rebodied my last dolls for 2011!
No new ones until 2012.

I gave Edwige (Alvin Ailey) and Live Action Christie new
Chandra bodies. They can now be add to the cast of
characters. I haven't decided if they are sisters but
Edwige will Chanda's sister. I not sure if Chandra's name
will remain.

The complexion works pretty well for both. The body on the
Live Action Christie is a little fragile so I just replaced it before
any thing happen to it.

I did pick up these to dresses at the Dollar Store. The Black and
white one will be Edwige's work uniform. the orange dress
needs a little help.

Then there is a little painting and repair.

I plan to paint and repair a few things I purchased so that they
can get some use.

This chandelier

You remember this dresser. Well, I have started on it.

I have removed the heart shape draw pulls and I have no idea
what I will replace them with. I not sure what color this will be
in the end either.

Next is this chair!

Diorama set up!
I plan to work on my benches like this one for the home of
Iroquois and Native American Settlement.
I will also begin my work on the Laurent Department store.

I will need to list several things for sale on my blog
and thedollpage.


Dollz4Moi said...

Loving the update. I picked up the same fashion pack at Dollar Tree. The best thing for the orange dress is pj's.

Georgia Girl said...

Miss Dominique is boss lady. Lol! She wants what she wants and seems to get it. The wardrobe is nice. You have quite a few projects lined up.

Oh, that is great that Christie is on an articulated body and that she will be one of your characters. She is one of my favorite vintage dolls.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like you are going to miss Christmas with all those projects! I'm with Dominique. She really has been ignored lately. I love that little black and white dress. I will be waiting with baited breath to see the finished product.

limbe dolls said...

You have your work cut out for you! I bought the same black and white dress at Dollar Tree. I'm impressed with the quality of the design even though the materials were cheap. One of my plus-sized ladies who is on a Rosie O'Donnell body claimed it. The orange dress, on the other hand, was beyond hope. I cut it up to make a towel. :-)

Looking forward to seeing your new dioramas.

Hey, It's Muff said...

Now that's a lot of projects! Hope we get to see the progression and final products.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for the encouragement Dollz4Moi, Georgia Girl, Vanessa, limbe dolls, and Hey, It's Muff. I had to remind Ms. D that it is Xmas week and she might get a thing or two this week but not all of that. I will try to get to it for her.

Georgia Girl, she is one of my favs as dolls go and I did want to use her. I don't have a story for her right now but I might do like they do in the soaps, and have her in the background until I come up with a story.

Dollz4Moi and limbe dolls, I like the black and white dress I will work well for what I have in mind but that orange....oh my. I'm going to take off the ribbon and see if it says anything.

Vanessa and Hey and It's Muff I plan to post projects as they are completed. So, stay tuned!

cosmodollitan ELLE said...

I love this doll personality she has! You go girl, haha.

I'm surprised by the striped Parisian DOLLAR STORE top from the other post (the DS mention reminded me & I'm commenting here anyway)!! I may take a walk up the street to one later this morning! Wow. Cool finds! (I'll be picky, and my wallet will thank me but I love shopping, even if I'm browsing or even running all over - fun stuff. Heh.)

Welp, I'd better go work on my new website or my Flickr!

- L --another somewhat newer collector. My mum didn't get rid of THAT MANY of my dolls oh so many years ago, luckily, but life forced me to take a break from accumulating and even displaying! It's fun getting into the more hardcore stuff now. It's cute to see the Interwebz (probably) dragged you in, too!! :-)

Ms. Leo said...

cosmodollitan ELLE thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog. Some of your best finds will be at the dollar store and thrift store. Keep and open mind and give all the small things a really good look!

It took me a while to realize that some of the things that I like in other people doll collection were dollar store items. Look in their craft section for items.

I didn't have any sturctures or funiture either. Most of it I have purchased in the last few years. Treat you self to something now and them and look for these items in thrift store where the prices are low!