Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Barbie House!

I found this Barbie house at my favorite thrift store.

The were asking $3.00 and of course I couldn't pass
that up. I don't know which one it is or if any of the
pieces are missing. Maybe you could help me!

Here are some more pictures!

The middle section spins around. Here is the fireplace.

Spin it again and it sleeps three. The top blue bed folds
down too!

Spin one more time and you have the kitchen!

I folds up and has some nice windows all around.

I have seen may people re-purpose the windows

of Barbie house. I will have to figure out if I should

keep it whole or use the pieces! Paint it or let it stay

as is.


Frannie said...

Great find!!

TM said...

That is such a cool find for such a great price! It looks to be in excellent condition! I would keep it intact if it were mine but I'd probably repaint the blue with a more earthy color.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Frannie and TM. That blue is bugging me. I have seen others do some really great things with house but that is an outdoor project. (http://members.boardhost.com/DollDivas/msg/archive/1288712414.html)I might have to wait for spring.

Vanessa said...

You find some of the best stuff. Gotta love those thrift stores. I have several houses that I have yet to paint. Been putting it off for years. Call me when you get started. Maybe we can encourage each other to finish!

ssonnic said...

I found the same house by the trash!! in great condition!
but looking at your photo i don't have the big bed.
and there is a button and a space for batteries, but it doesn't work.
what was the tune there i wonder.
did you ever find any info on this house?

Ms. Leo said...

Vanessa, I didn't see your comment but now that I know I might call you when I start to do this.

ssonnic thank you for commenting! After reading you comment I took out my house and turned it around and around. I didn't know it made sounds. I finally found the switch but it didn't make any noise. So I think the batteries on mine are dead. Thanks for letting me know this. I did look it up and her is the link for you!
If you do anything with yours please send me pictures! Thanks,

Juliet Montrone said...

I had this house when I was a kid!
There was originally a fold down table in that opening, and it came with a chair and some food for the fridge. I remember it making noises too, like when you pressed the buttons for the phone and the microwave. Your's looks like its in great condition though! Hope this helps!

lilMama said...

In the 1st pic, your missing the gate that help close the house. The 6th pic, there is a sink on the outside thats missing. Theres a few other pieces such as a crib (his into side of centre rotation), chair, bath tub rack and baby seat that clips onto table. I LOVE this house and used to have it and I'm desperately trying to find it again. You are very lucky!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Juliet Montrone and lilMama!

Juliet Montrone, Welcome to my blog! I really need to look for those extra parts. A table and chairs, I would love to see what they looked like.

lilMama, Welcome to my blog! Thanks for letting me know what I am missing. I found the sink in another box but I don't have the gate. I will have to find pictures of the items you say I'm missing. Good luck on replace this house that you had!

Isaac said...

Acabo de comprar esta casa hoy!! me costó 20 dolares (una baratija comparado a las casas nuevas )lamentablemente la mia tampoco suena :c si encuentras a alguien que sepa del tema contactame por favor

Ms. Leo said...

Hola Isaac, Eso es un gran precio! Creo que el mío necesita pilas nuevas. Creo que tengo que quitar el tornillo para reemplazarlos. Yo le permiten saber lo que pasa cuando lo hago.

Isaac said...

Muchas gracias :D

Michelle said...

I know I'm a little late but I know what you're missing! I found the same little house a while ago for $5 at Value Village. It came with a little blue crib that fits into the empty space by the kitchen. It also has a little clip on baby seat for the kitchen table. There's also a small food down bench for the table that should connect to the wall and a white chair.

Ms. Leo said...

Michelle, sorry I'm late responding! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the info. Now I know what I have to replace!