Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There Is A New Naveen In Town!

The Old Naveen!

I notice that my post on Prince Naveen had gotten some action
lately but I didn't think much of it. Then the other day
while surfing the net, I noticed that there was a Prince
Naveen for sale that wasn't part of a set.
When I got my Naveen, he was part
of a set. When I clicked to enlarge the picture,
he looked different than mine. At first I wasn't sure
he was different. On closer inspection. He has a new face
(I first noticed more space at the bottom of the eyes,
then they eye color was darker too!)
and a slightly different outfit too.
Old one!

Here is the old one! I am not even going to get into the
hoopla about his race that was the buss on the net.
He came as part of a set! Neither he or the Princess had
bendable legs! Bad Mattel! Bad, Bad! But... I thought the
face was cute!

New one!

OK! The Whole Disney Thing!
Disney sometimes has Mattel produce their movie
related dolls and sometimes not! Sometimes
Disney switches up the the producer after a few years.
The best Disney doll are done by Mattel! (my opinion!)
New Naveen looks more cartoony!

Notice that his princely attire is a little different.
New Naveen has light green caps on the sleeve and a cape!
He has brown belt and pants and the Mattel Naveen has
green belt and pants. The applets are different too. Note
the difference in the body too! Mattel side facing cupped hands
to the side facing straight hands of the new doll.
One of the listings says the new doll is poseable.


Alrunia said...

In Europe Mattel doesn't have the rights to make Disney dolls, so all the Princesses we get are from Simba Toys.. they are rather ugly and really bad quality, and Simba decided to skip making Tiana altogether. >:(
I like the less cartoony Naveen. The newer one has such a narrow face.

Ms. Leo said...

Wow! I didn't know that! I have seen the Simba dolls and they are not my favorite dolls!
They skipped making a Princess??? Now that is wrong on soo many levels!

D7ana said...

Thanks for the comparison. I prefer the more realistic Naveen although his head is still big, LOL.