Monday, May 3, 2010

How Do You Store Your Deboxed Dolls?

A Question Of Storage?

No this is not what my space looks like!

I have a large, or at least large to me, collection
of dolls. Only about twenty of my dolls are in boxes.
Most of them I have out of the box for me to
play with! Yes, I love play! Others may think me
crazy but I love to dress and redress my dolls.
I love to see their little face greet me, talk to me,
suggest things to me. (Ok, a little crazy)

I can't have them all out at the same time
(Hubby won't allow) but I do like to look at them.
I believe that anything you have that you don't
see regularly, it like you don't have it at all.
Unfortunately my house is not large enough to
have a play room! A room where I could have
several dioramas set up at the same time, with
shelves to have all dolls out on display, all clothing
visible to see and a project area where I can have
everything for my doll project out waiting for me
to start the project.
(designed by Martha Stewart) I can dream!
Oh.... the reason for this post.....
How do you store your loose dolls.
How do you protect the from harm.
Do you have any tricks or tips, do you
store like size dolls together, do you
arrange them how you play with them?
Does heat or cold make you change your
arrangement? How do you keep their
hair in place?

Send me your pictures or web links and
I will post them on my blog! Let's share
some ideas and some tried and true solutions!

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D7ana said...

Cool idea, Ms. Leo! I hope to send stuff when I am back online at home and when work slacks up ;-D