Sunday, May 23, 2010

When you are not looking for it... You find it!

When you are not looking for it... You find it!

Isn't funny that when you are looking for
something you never find it. When you stop
looking it shows up! For two years I had been
looking for a park bench for my dolls. I could
find one anywhere. When I looked on eBay
they wanted more than I was will to spend
I saw website where people said they found
them in thrift store but I couldn't find one there.
Then six months ago I find a bench in the thrift
store. It wasn't exactly what I wanted
( it was a rocker) but it would do!

Then a month ago I found another bench.
It was a little closer to what I wanted.
Then the other day I run into a store to get out
of the rain, what do I find? You got it! The perfect
park bench and they had a few of them for cheap!
Now a have a few different park benches.
Now I need to use them all!

My new bench!

Skipper, Mari and head swapped Chad on Steven body
Sit on the bench after school. They really should be studying!


Frannie said...

How very true!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, now I need a few more things.

Afroindia619 said...

Please tell me how you were able to do the head swap for Corbin on to Steve. I tried doing a head head swap and now I can't get Corbin's head back on. :(

Ms. Leo said...

Afroindia619, I believe he is on a Palm Beach Steve body. (I like to heat up the neck first by put a blow dryer to it for about 30 seconds and move it slowly around the neck. It is good for taking heads off and putting some heads on.) There is this little stem, inside the neck, that sticks out of the neck opening that the head sits on. It helps the head to permanently stay on but is no good in head swapping. I remove it! I take heavy duty nail clippers and slowly clip pieces off until it comes out. Then the little round base of the head fits into the neck opening. Sometimes the head may come off if you are putting a shirt on the doll or something but you pop it back on.

Hope that helps!