Friday, May 14, 2010

A Find at Ross

Visit to Ross!
I went over to Ross the other day because
I need an outfit for a meeting. I saw this on
the shelve. It was $6.99. I don't know it that
was a good price or not. I liked her wig, the
way you can make new outfits out pieces of fabric,
and that she looked the the mannequins you
see in department stores. I thought she would
be a good addition to my clothing shop when
I set it up. Her name is Lucia.

Out of the box with Desiree for scale.

She does have rather large feet.

Scale comparison

Julia always wanted to be a Blondie! FYI...this was
not an easy fit. Wig is small for most doll's heads.

Sorry, nude mannequin photos!

Fabric is draped and push into slot in
the back of the body to hold in into place.


Frannie said...

Way to go! You paid a great price. I was looking at these mannequins at Target and they were priced at 16.99. There is also another mannequin named Victoria with a dark wig.

Alison said...

That's an excellent price! Even if the mannequin is a bit larger than Barbie, she's still pretty fun to play with. My friend Jen is a fashion designer, and she thinks this no-sew mannequin is great for beginners (and more advanced also)!

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your buy, Ms. Leo! Gotta get to a Ross store ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

Alison, I have to be in the mood to sew. This mannequin is great for me.

Frannie and Alison, I was just in Target today and they have the same item for $16.99. I almost fell on the floor! I like the dark wig but not at that price.

D7ana, thanks! I go in from time to never know what you are going to find!

smidge girl said...

AHHH! $6.99!? That's awesome. They go for $24.99 at the Kmart up the block. (Pretty overpriced, IMO) But you got a great deal! Wow, now I'm looking forward to seeing your clothing shop! Julia looks pretty good as a blond, even if the wig's a little small :)