Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Thrift Store Finds

Look What I Found!
I found these Kelly items at one of my favorite
thrift stores. They had a bag of furniture for $3.00.
I had always wanted to do a nursery like
Van's Doll Treasures. I already had a few
Heart Family items. So maybe I will do a diorama
combining the two sets. My list of projects
is growing by the day.

Bed and a rocking horse

The rest of this set must have been for twins
because there is room for two.
This looks like a double stroller and bassinet

Changing table and two carriers.


sweetmum said...

I love your Kelly furniture pictures, I think the double stroller and double bassinet goes to the fisher-price loving family set. The Stand I believe it says 'Kelly', on it? The 2 car seats, go to a barbie double stroller, that if you had the rest of the stroller, as I have seen, is highly sought after on eBay. But I think this is an awesome find!!! Good picking!

sweetmum said...

I have commented on this picture before(hopefully it will make it through the moderators) but I too have that rocking horse, so I just did some research, and the stand you have there, and the rocking horse comes from a set called 'Barbie KELLY My Very Own Nursery Playset' from 1997. I hope I have been helpful, that is all I am trying to do here. I love your Blogs...Very unique and interesteing

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Jamie! I have these two comments from you. I hope I didn't miss any others. Thanks for the info. Sadly I hadn't got around to doing any research on my on, so this is quite helpful. I will have to look up the double stroller. You never know what you will come accross when you are out and about. The stand does say Kelly on it. I really need to look all of this up for pic. I hope to set up a preschool and use a lot of the baby items that I have. Thanks for posting!